Simplifying Quality Assurance with Amazon Connect and VoiceBase

by VoiceBase Inc.

For many companies, the importance of maintaining a quality assurance (QA) department can often fall by the wayside. Even worse, some organizations might not have an operating quality assurance department at all! But monitoring the quality of your product or service is an absolute necessity, and foregoing it creates liability, drives up costs, and ultimately degrades your public image and customer satisfaction.

While human scoring of agent conversations has been the standard for decades, it is no longer necessary for humans to pour over countless hours of recordings to unearth valuable insights.  In the modern business landscape, you should strive to automate all operations within your organization to stay competitive. Scoring and analyzing your inbound and outbound calls for QA is no exception. By pairing VoiceBase Speech Analytics with Amazon Connect, you can easily automate quality assurance.  This integration can provide your business with quicker and more accurate data, so you can make better decisions.

Let’s explore how these integrated solutions can ramp up your QA efforts, ensure maximum customer satisfaction, and understand why manual call scoring puts you at a competitive disadvantage in today’s business world.

Human scoring is time-consuming

The most glaringly obvious constraint associated with human quality monitoring is just how much time and manpower it requires. Oftentimes, businesses struggle with balancing customer satisfaction with time spent innovating, and this can fester into the organization settling with simply maintaining the status quo instead of striving to be competitive.

This is especially true for startups. Dedicated coaching is a luxury for startups, and as the company grows, the need arises to train individuals on call recording and quality monitoring.

However, this often isn’t the coach’s only training responsibility, resulting in lag time in other parts of the organization. The real shame with this process is just how ineffective manual quality monitoring actually is—even if properly trained, a QA agent usually only allows for 5% of calls to be reviewed and scored, leaving the majority of calls to fall through the cracks.

Fortunately, a speech analytics solution such as VoiceBase in congruence with Amazon Connect solves this issue. With automated call scoring, 100% of calls are auto reviewed, thus saving agents and coaches time–there is no longer a need to listen and score each and every call. Agents can have access to their own performance dashboard, so coaching sessions take less time.

Human scoring is expensive

Time is money—paying coaches to listen to calls is expensive in and of itself. When a coach has to take the time to manually score calls, you are causing a delay in providing results to agents, which may result in lost sales. But then add to that every minute spent making a call without the proper analytics and agent coaching, and you get a huge waste of company resources all around.

With VoiceBase added to Amazon Connect, you can say goodbye to large swarths of your budget going to preserving your QA efforts. A human call scorer has to listen, pause, record, unpause, listen, record, etc. After this monotonous process, then, and only then, can you gain access to call insights. Automated call scoring allows you to input calls, automatically score the data, and gain instant analytics. This saves hundreds of labor hours a year and thousands of dollars as a result.

Human scoring is not consistent

Humans, by nature, are innately subjective beings. This makes us adept at many useful things such as differentiation and opinion, but this subjectivity should have no place in the world of QA call scoring. Human scoring is viewed as subjective—there can easily be bias in the nature of a call from agent to agent, supervisor to supervisor. Optimal QA operations are predictable and uniform, and human judgment or opinions on various scenarios can skew the predictability that ensures proper quality assurance.

However, an agent that is receiving insights from VoiceBase added to Amazon Connect knows that the analytics being provided are objective. The agent can also rest easy knowing that their calls are being graded the same as their peers, which can help promote greater agent satisfaction and reduce overall agent attrition.

Guaranteeing QA efforts before automated call scoring was essentially a shot in the dark. You were only obtaining data from a small cross-section of customer conversations, getting inconsistent results, and spending a fortune in the process. Automated call scoring with Amazon Connect and VoiceBase speech analytics brings uniformity into your QA operations, so you can ensure the highest quality of product or service and maintain relationships with those “customers for life.”

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