VoiceBase was conceived to do for voice what Google did for text: make it instantly searchable and shareable by creating a rich, queryable database. Our effective speech analytics begins with an accurate, automated transcript which enterprises can then index and analyze to deliver actionable insights.

Facilitate Discovery

Navigate recordings by jumping to the exact part of the speech you're looking for, through click-to-play keywords.

Improve User Experience

Recordings can be time consuming and tedious to listen to, even 20 second voicemails. Provide users with an instant transcription of voicemails, conference calls, and meetings to improve access to vital information.

Create a Valuable Archive

Make use of your storage fees and let users search through their archives of recordings. Audio and video archives hold useful information that businesses should be able to re-access over and over again.
  • Transcription
  • Stereo Speaker ID
  • Custom Vocabulary
  • Number Formatting
  • Instant Search


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Features For Any Use Case

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