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voice of the customer analytics program

Challenge: Wrangling the massive amounts of customer data to make strategic business decisions. 

Answer: Voice of the Customer Analytics Solutions


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Know what your customers are saying

Stay on top of the latest customer feedback, pain points, trends, and keywords.

Turn Insights to Action

Discover your next competitive advantage by analyzing your customer and market insights.

Improve Agent Performance

By measuring your call center data with speech analytics, you can empower and coach agents to close more sales, faster.

Voice of the Customer Analytics: Your Next Competitive Advantage

Voice of the Customer (VOC) analytics contain a crucial element: VOICE. Without using speech analytics to process your customer interactions, your VOC program is lacking. 

VoiceBase helps businesses around the world transform their contact center call data into successful VOC programs that increase revenue and overall ROI.

Call Summary dashboard

Pre-Built Reporting Dashboards

Out-of-the-Box metrics dashboards to track your most important KPIs in business intelligence tools.

Our customer analytics experts have created templates for different industries use cases. These Voice of the Customer dashboards can then be fully customized based on your specific business needs.



The VoiceBase Platform was built with powerful speech engines and machine learning models that can be highly tuned to fit your business case or vertical. Learn more about our speech analytics technology.

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VoiceBase player and call transcript

Visualize call transcripts IN TANDEM WITH analytics

The VoiceBase player gives you click-to-play functionality in live dashboards. View your calls and analytics together to add rich context for the story behind your data.

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Stop guessing, and start listening to what your customers are telling you. 

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