VoiceBase Raises $10 Million of New Funding Headed into 2016

by VoiceBase Inc.

We are pleased to announce that VoiceBase has raised $10 Million of funding lead by our existing Silicon Valley and European investors, along with new participation from Asian investors. This investment brings the total funding in the company to $20 Million and further validates our Big Voice vision and market execution as we move into 2016.

Five years ago, VoiceBase was founded based on a vision of transforming the way businesses collect and analyze massive amounts of spoken information. This treasure trove of authentic, contextual data has been inaccessible to most businesses, due to inaccuracy and cost inefficiencies plaguing the speech recognition and speech analytics industries.

In 2015, VoiceBase’s efforts to break this barrier became more visible in the market with our participation in key industry events including Enterprise Connect, Twilio’s Signal and LeadsCon. We also announced new partnerships with industry-leading companies such as Twilio, Kaltura, and Ytel, while expanding existing partnerships including Nasdaq and FreeConferenceCall.com. Indeed 2015 was a very good year for VoiceBase, having extended our platform across the telecom and video markets, and increased our monthly volume of processing by over 300%.

As we look forward to 2016 armed with new funding to develop new products and technology and to enhance our Big Voice platform – the VoiceBase team thanks all of our customers, advisors and investors for their steadfast support!

Walter Bachtiger

Founder & CEO

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