What We Learned, Launched and Loved at Dreamforce ’16

by Emily Nave


As conferences go, Salesforce’s Dreamforce is kind of the end-all, be-all. A mixture of sunshine, rock bands, brightly colored signs, Buddhist monks, tech-celebrities and a bit of cloud computing; it’s quite a site. As far as ‘taking over a city’ I’m not sure, but it definitely takes over SoMa with 170,000 registered attendees this year.With this being our first year exhibiting as a company, VoiceBase was extremely excited to be at the center of the celebra- I mean “conference”.

Over the four days, which ends up as one long, 96 hour blur, we learned about new technology and integrations changing the landscape of our industry, we launched some exciting new features, and we loved it all! Below are the highlights from our Dreamforce experience. Feel free to share yours in the comments below! 


Dreamforce is a huge conference, so big that you couldn’t go to all the seminars and keynotes even if you tried to. In case you missed it, we thought we’d highlight some of our favorite things.

What we learned

The Salesforce® Ecosystem has anything and everything

From community, analytics, IoT and now AI & Einstein, this is clearly the place to be. The array of companies making up the Cloud Expo Hall ranged from Call Tracking and Sales Optimization tools to APIs powering rich analytics (like VoiceBase’s speech analytics API), and Event Management. 


Salesforce® x Twilio Integration [Live Demo]

We put together something pretty special for this show – a never before seen speech analytics integration with Salesforce® and Salesforce® Wave. Using a sleek TWILIO–VOICEBASE–S3–SALESFORCE connection, we were able to automatically populate Salesforce® CRM records with transcriptions of calls, then aggregate data like; how many calls were appointments, job inquiries or sales- directly into Salesforce® dashboards. Imagine what you could do.



Customers can now add industry specific terms or acronyms to our speech engine’s dictionary in order to improve keyword recognition and increase their overall accuracy. Many times there are unique words such as company names, product names or acronyms that need to be spotted but are not in the standard dictionary. Until now this level of advanced recognition required human processing. Interested? Book a demo with us to test it our yourself with your favorite new complex term or crazy name!



New Voice Media’s Cookies!

I have to say, those freshly baked cookies were delicious and the aroma filled the entire show floor. As it turns out, warm cookies are just the right fuel to keep our team awake, excited, and ready to go all day long! Bravo to that idea. We may install an oven in the office for just this purpose…

Einstein & AI

Artificial intelligence was the hottest trend at Dreamforce this year. Everyone in this industry is looking for automation, we’ve said it before; that is the holy grail. It’s about time these slow pokes jumped on the predictive-analytics-and-more train! We can’t wait to see what they build here, and what we build on top of that to use speech analytics to automated business process!

U2 & Dreamfest – DUH!

Salesforce knows how to throw one hell of a party and did not miss out on details at Dreamfest! There was an abundance of delicious food, tasty beverages, and amazing tunes by the one and only U2 to cap off the end of Dreamforce. Here’s a pic to make you jealous of all the fun we had!

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