3 Major Benefits of Auto Call Scoring for Cloud Contact Centers

by Emily Nave

Contact centers are not lacking data; Mountains of calls are waiting to be mined for intelligence.

The current problem is that a manual process of analyzing voice recordings in search of business opportunities is labor-intensive and costly. It also takes a lot of time that could be better spent capitalizing on newfound insights for improving business processes. Imagine the results if voice data could be just as easily analyzed and understood as textual data is.

Using recorded call data and VoiceBase Predictive Insights, VoiceBase constructs predictive models that provide the means for automated call disposition, thus eliminating the need for costly human call scoring, and provides contact center customers with actionable insights to support their sales, marketing, and CRM initiatives.

How it works is through an advanced form of data mining. Predictive Insights leverages machine learning to identify patterns in voice recordings, deduce a speaker’s intent, and predict a future outcome—be it a sale, account cancellation, or one of many customized signals your clients might request.

With so many opportunities coming out of automated call scoring, we’ve outlined the top 3 benefits for customers to get started and begin reaping the rewards.

1. Detect Accounts About to Churn

VoiceBase’s predictive models can be trained to understand unique patterns from the last call customers made before cancelling their service. VoiceBase users can now also predict when a customer is close to cancelling, and can automate business processes to prevent them from doing so. Knowing when a customer is close to cancelling allows VoiceBase users the ability to preemptively win customers back, and improve current customer loyalty.

2. Monitor 100% of Agent Script Adherence

After training the VoiceBase API with the agent’s script; Speech Analytics Keyword Spotting and VoiceBase Insights will recognize lapses or miscommunication quickly to flag that call for review. By training VoiceBase with prewritten scripts, an alert to a manager can be sent when an agent fails to communicate mandatory pieces of information to the customer. Users can also train VoiceBase Insights to recognize what pertinent information sounds like and to alert a supervisor when an agent misses steps. Measuring agents’ performance with VoiceBase’s speech-to-text API brings call tracking software to a new level.

3. Define the Real Voice of the Customer

It is often said that social media is today’s surest way to hear the Voice of the Customer. But the fact of the matter is that in a contact center’s voice recordings, there are 3,700 times more data contained than there is in all social media websites and apps combined. Unlocking this treasure trove of customer insights allows businesses to instantly learn what customers like, want, and need.

Through machine learning, VoiceBase Predictive Insights provides answers to questions that were previously unimaginable: What if a business could automatically mine every customer call for actionable data? Are there specific words or phrases associated with a high cancellation rate or closing a sale? The potential in automatic call scoring is enormous and is no longer costly, time-consuming, or human error-prone.

What will you predict with VoiceBase Insights?

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