360 Smart View of Customer Interactions

by Jim Sinur

360 Smart View of Interactions at Scale

Nearly every organization is challenged with getting a grip on its effectiveness with all its constituents. The focus today surrounds customer interactions as the primary target these days. There is a challenge to get the story behind the ever-increasing number of exchanges from various channels/sources in many individual formats. This challenge is complicated by the speed, variability, quality, and quantity of this kind of emergent unstructured data. The task of automating the process of translating large volumes of unstructured text into quantitative data to uncover insights, trends, and patterns to make better decisions and take appropriate actions is before us all.

Multi-Client Feedback is Essential

360 customer analytics

Getting a comprehensive 360 view of interactions usually starts with clients and usually revolves around customer-focused interactions. Commonly the 360 cycles are thought of as a singular customer cycle depicted in figure 1. Feedback is often really broader. Often done at the individual level to understand satisfaction and personal customer goal satisfaction, there is additional information in the aggregation of many interactions and feedback into overall intentions, sentiment, themes, categories, and trends. 

Often rich voice-based data is used as a source to mine, parse, identify, extract, categorize, cluster, and understand syntactically for linking/chaining. Of course, there are text data sources such as social comments and correspondence to infuse feedback leverage.

data analytics graphic

Insights into Praises, Problems or Broken Promises

It is essential to know what we did right and what we did wrong, but it’s a bit more complicated than a transaction event view. While it is crucial to know if an organization accomplishes its outcomes on each transaction or event, there is a bigger picture. Often, any organization’s contribution to the customers’ overall journey is a fraction of the contribution to real customer satisfaction. Savvy organizations look at the total journey and what it takes to get to realistic customer goals. The journey may include looking at the partners, vendors, and out-tasked steps, contributing to overall satisfaction. 

The broader scope will point out the real trends and patterns associated with the full 360 views. The visualizations and sentiments will be quite different in this expanded view that follows the entire customer journey versus the transactions handled in the real customers’ journey and overall customer desired outcomes. 

Acting Quicker Armed With Intelligence

By analyzing the proper scopes of simple Interactions in the context of cross-functional processes, journeys, and hybrid organizational/customer outcomes, organizations can react faster and get ahead of the game. This process will require aggregating big/monster data insights created by analytics and machine learning. These visualizations, insights, and understandings can guide intelligent actions that may change the processes with customers’ corrections and innovations. In some cases, new emergent behaviors can play in prediction through additional statistics or models to deploy appropriate actions to intercept recent trends. 

Net; Net:

We already know organizations can leverage sentiment to adjust their behavior to increase customer retention and increase their reputation as a beloved partner. It may be accomplished via social media monitoring, competitive intelligence, and process improvement. The more kinds and amounts of data leveraged in a 360 view, the smarter the organization will be to accomplish its desired outcomes while gaining momentum plus a reputation for positive hybrid results. 


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