#COMPLY2017 The Leading #RegTech Conference: 3 Reasons Not To Miss It!

by Emily Nave


This week, June 7th & 8th, Performline will host two action-packed days of insights, sessions, best practices, parties and networking in New York City during the biggest RegTech & Compliance Conference of the year—and one conference you definitely can’t afford to miss!

From keynotes to breakout sessions, at COMPLY2017 you’ll be among leading regulators, compliance professionals, marketing executives, leading advertising lawyers and contact center operators from top brands who want to ensure their efforts to reach consumers are compliant.

Yet, COMPLY isn’t your typical compliance conference. COMPLY is the only conference focused on the insights that will give you actionable take-aways for mitigating risk, maintaining brand safety and implementing marketing regulations for your company—and you’ll have a great time doing it!

Last year at COMPLY2016 Performline brought together a host of compliance professionals from top brands who want to ensure their efforts to reach consumers are compliant. Relive the day here with highlight videos!



1. The Future of RegTech

As a direct result of increased regulations over the years, a new type of technology has emerged: RegTech. This session, which will kick off the conference, will head up the discussion of these innovative regulatory solutions at the forefront of this emerging industry. RegTech typically focuses on companies or solutions that work to automate manual processes and the links between steps in analytical/reporting processes, improve data quality, and automate the analysis of this data with machine learning based applications designed to learn the process.

Leaders from Qumram, Jurispect, LogicGate, PerformLine, and PwC will discuss what exactly Regulatory Technology is, what it solves, and how enterprises can leverage RegTech to be more effective, efficient, and competitive in the marketplace. This is a must-attend session for all modern-day compliance officers!

2. Great environment

This is a fun event. If you don’t believe us, see all the the fun, excitement and surprises that went on in 2016 at the Marketing Compliance Conference of the year, at The Dream Downtown in NYC. Hear what the best and the brightest in the industry had to say in this recap of the various sessions, panels, and special presentations throughout the day.

3. Alex Baydin is a boss

Literally, since he is the CEO of Performline. However, if you’ve ever had the pleasure of getting to know Alex, you’d come away thinking, ‘wow, what a cool guy’. Alex is not only an expert in his field and loves the company he’s built, but he loves sharing his thoughts and digging deeper into the core values and goals of this growing industry. When he’s talking, you’ll want to listen.

Below is a little taste of last year’s COMPLY16 where PerformLine CEO & Founder Alex Baydin kicks off the second annual COMPLY conference with an inspiring story from his childhood, a crash-course in PerformLine’s core values, and how all of that ties in to marketing compliance in the customer journey.


Let us know. We’d love to chat. VoiceBase and Performline have partnered to bring top notch compliance and regulatory tools to every businesses’ arsenal.

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