Customer-Ready Solutions by VoiceBase and Amazon Connect

by VoiceBase Inc.

If you have heard about Amazon Connect’s new cloud-based contact center and are ready to dive in, one of the best ways to deliver effective business value is with rich speech analytics. To get started, you can check out VoiceBase’s Solution Space page which was recently launched for Amazon Connect integrations.


If setting up contact center flows and diving into complex technical details is not your forte, the AWS Solution Space for Amazon Connect is a great resource for you. It is an AWS website that includes secure and scalable customer-ready solutions that combine AWS services with technologies from validated AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners like VoiceBase. Each solution is based on architectures validated by AWS and are meant to create new business opportunities for customers, leading to production workloads on AWS. With VoiceBase’s AI-powered speech-to-text and analytics integration, you can get accurate insights into your call data to help train your agents and improve customer satisfaction for sales and service use cases.

Amazon Connect for Service

Amazon Connect for Sales

In addition to VoiceBase, there are six partner integrations that were designed to perfectly fit the unique goals and needs of your business to optimize your customer experience and contact center efficiency. On the Solution Space, you can browse through a list of integrations that range from speech analytics, sales, service, workforce optimization, fraud detection and messaging. Furthermore, you can find consulting offers from validated Amazon Connect partners who can help you with more complex integrations such as Salesforce CRM, Amazon Lex and contact flows that require dipping into external data sources.


With the guidance on the Solution Space page, you can quickly gain powerful insights into your contact center calls with VoiceBase’s speech analytics API platform. Below are a few solution highlights:

  • Optimized Customer Experience: Gain a deeper understanding of your customers’ pain points and needs
  • High Accuracy: Leverage deep learning neural network speech engine technology
  • Cost-efficiency: Experience minimal upfront investments with pay-as-you-go pricing (just like Amazon Connect)
  • Enhanced Security: The VoiceBase platform has client-side encryption and is PCI DSS Level 1 Certified
  • Enterprise-Grade: Scale up and down quickly, whenever you need to
  • Customizable Service Levels: Choose priority processing levels to meet your timing needs

Love what you have read? Check out the Amazon Connect Solution Space for VoiceBase to learn more.  

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