How Health Plan Providers can levErage NLP (Natural Language Processing)

by Alissa Pagels-Minor

What is Natural Language Processing?

Natural Language Processing, or NLP, is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) in which computers ingest and interpret human language.

NLP gives computers the ability to derive meaning from large amounts of unstructured data like text and recorded speech. 

By processing text and conversational data, health providers can classify, extract, and summarize large amounts of data for business and operational insights. 

NLP for Health Plan Providers

Every day, customers interact with your business, creating massive amounts of clinical data with a unique vocabulary and lexicon of medical terms, brand-specific acronyms, and healthcare metrics. 

This large amount of “Big Data” is time-consuming and nearly impossible to measure and analyze manually, but holds immense value for reporting, understanding customer needs, and decision making. 

Today, we can leverage advanced speech analytics technology that can automate the labor-intensive process of cataloging and scraping large volumes of unstructured text and audio files. Here are 3 ways health plan providers can apply NLP ( Natural Language Processing ) to optimize customer and business outcomes. 


customer Feedback and Satisfaction tracking

Knowing what a customer is feeling or experiencing is only the first step. Understanding the full context of their experience allows your brand to hear the voice of the customer loud and clear. 

By aggregating calls and chat interaction data, you can analyze both macro and micro trends within your customer base, as well as your healthcare contact center performance.

Tracking and alerting to trends

The nuances of specific regions and industries may differ. By setting specific parameters and alerts, you can keep track of anomalies or growing trends across your entire customer database. 

For example, if customers calling in for virtual appointments through your telehealth app suddenly start mentioning a certain symptom at alarming rates, you can be alerted to take the appropriate action immediately. 

    Easier Risk Adjustment

    Progressive organizations can leverage the power of NLP technology to automatically analyze clinical information at scale, in near real time. This allows for less provider manual effort, as well as higher efficiency in the risk adjustment process. 

    NLP allows for AI-driven automated coding and suggestions based on industry and organization policies. 

      Solutions for Health Plan Providers

      VoiceBase AI-Powered Speech Analytics Technology allows health insurance providers a way to access and understand their patient data with minimal effort and high ROI. 

      Flexible and Scaleable

      Your contact center recordings and text transcripts processed through the VoiceBase platform and returned in your ideal data format, often an analytics visualization tool. 

      Fully Scrubbed Database

      All sensitive patient data can be redacted from files including credit card numbers and medical id information. This allows for a secure, indexable repository of data. 

      Robotic Transcription

      It all starts with an accurate transcription. VoiceBase empowers your organization to measure and manage 100% of customer calls and conversations to improve cx, optimize sales, and more. 

      Want to learn more about how VoiceBase can help you install speech analytics for your enterprise to easily visually analyze your contact center metrics? Talk to a speech analytics expert today.

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