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Increase Conversion Rates, Lower AHT, and Improve Agent Training by optimizing call center operations via Artificial Intelligence. 


💰 104% in Sales Conversions

🚀  10% Decrease in AHT

✅  50% Decrease in Agent Training Time

☎️  17.2% Increase in First Call Resolution

Improving Call Center Operations with AI

Conversations between agents and customers are full of insightful data. Speech Analytics is a technology to surface important information from that data, through the power of AI, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing (NLP). Several BPOs and Call Centers have leveraged the VoiceBase end-to-end analytics platform to improve a variety of KPIs. 

KPIs Measured With AI :

  • AHT – Average Handle Time
  • Agent Performance (Overall) 
  • FCR – First Call Resolution Rate
  • Sales Optimization 
  • Compliance

Download the Case Study To Learn How To Improve Contact Center Operations

Optimizing call center performance is a common challenge for many businesses. Due to being directly tied to minimizing overhead costs, it is often a key pain point affected by a variety of factors such as changes in demand, staff turnover, agent performance, and more.

Every single conversation occurring within the call center is full of data about your consumers, your workforce performance, your brand perception and more. Surprisingly, most call centers still rely on manual “spot check” methods, and only listen to handful of calls to measure performance data.

In order to compete in today’s market, brands must gain comprehensive data around call center performance and operations. Analyzing every customer interaction in the call center suddenly exposes a range of opportunities from efficiency to conversion optimization.

This whitepaper explores how VoiceBase customers achieved ROI through AI-powered speech analytics.

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The Value of Speech Analytics 

Speech Analytics is a powerful tool to glean insights from the wealth of data hidden within your organizations contact center interactions. Getting access to voice and text analytics can unlock insights to decrease operational costs, increase sales, and predict customer behavior.

This playbook from VoiceBase outlines the key challenges many enterprises face today and how the most innovative brands are leveraging voice analytics to assess and analyze their customer ecosystem.


How to understand customer experience with speech analytics
  • Enhance Customer Experience
  • Optimize Call Center Operations
  • Surface Organic Trends and Insights
  • Analyze 100% of Contact Center Calls

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