Join Us at Twilio’s Signal Conference on May 19th & 20th

by VoiceBase Inc.

Don’t miss out on a chance to meet VoiceBase at this year’s Signal conference! As one of Twilio’s Innovative Partners, we will be showcasing our easy-to-use API’s, which deliver on-demand speech analytics within minutes after a completed call. VoiceBase’s platform is now readily available to all Twilio users, adding a new layer of actionable intelligence to spoken information.

If you haven’t registered yet, use our special 20% off discount code “VoiceBaseGuest”, and in the meantime explore our Twilio API Integration Platform.

Powered by the world’s most accurate speech engine, VoiceBase automatically extracts actionable intelligence from spoken information. This technology makes it possible to detect trends and correlate keywords and phrases with sales results. The VoiceBase Predictions API further enhances its speech analytics solution by having the ability to train VoiceBase’s machine learning algorithms with pre-tagged data (humanly scored calls) to automatically classify future calls.

Signal is a hands on conference where industry experts in WebRTC, distributed computing, API design and a whole lot more will share their knowledge, and discuss the future of telecommunications. Signal will have three technical tracks and one business track, all designed to meet the different needs of Twilio customers; whether you’re just interested in ROI or want to get knee deep in code.

VoiceBase’s VP of Engineering and Technical Operations, Jeff Shukis will be speaking about the ‘The “big data” in BigVoice: Decoding the data in recorded digital content’ in the Business track. In this session, Jeff will talk about VoiceBase’s “BigVoice” solution – the ability to transcribe, search, share, and manage massive amounts of spoken information to enable high-value, predictive analytics.

Signal kicks off May 19th and runs through the 20th at Fort Mason Festival Pavilion in San Francisco. Don’t miss out!

Looking for a step-by-step guide to fully integrate powerful speech analytics into your Twilio App? Look no further, here’s a blog walking you through the simple process.

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