Leveraging Voice: How Deep Learning Recognition is Influencing Data Analyzation for Businesses

by Matt Aquino


No doubt you’ve already seen that for yourself: programs like Apple’s Siri and hardware such as Amazon’s Alexa have become sophisticated, eerily human technologies.

That’s because they incorporate deep learning, or the training of artificial intelligence to understand and teach itself based on human input. But deep learning’s application has begun to extend far beyond simply asking your device where the nearest pizza joint is.


That’s where VoiceBase comes in. Our deep-learning speech-recognition technology is enabling other API software companies to create powerful tools, which in turn helps other businesses and organizations track, analyze, and streamline their internal processes to drive efficiency and revenue.

The world we live in is a fast-paced one; fail to adhere to advances in solutions like deep learning and you’ll find yourself left eating the competition’s dust. So, how can VoiceBase help your business? Take a look at the awesome things that some of our partners are doing with our solutions.


Pens and textbooks are on their way out of the education world as digital interfaces are being adopted in classrooms as preferred learning tools. Schoolwork is increasingly being done over the internet in the form of interactive tools and online lectures.

It was for this reason that The Ensemble Video Platform was created. Developed at Syracuse University’s Whitman School of Management, the platform was created to be a one-stop video content management platform for teachers and professors. Since its rollout, it has been implemented into hundreds of organizations in higher education, K-12, health, and government.

Now, VoiceBase has partnered with The Ensemble Video Platform in order to help provide quick, accessible content to their viewers. With our speech-to-text technology, viewers are able to watch videos with captions, and the creators of the video are able to edit the captions as they see fit. Additionally, our keyword and phrase spotting feature allows users to quickly scan videos for the information they need.

Cloud Communications

Cloud-based services are one of the fastest growing trends in the business world. They promote swift, interconnected operations within a company and eliminate the need for antiquated legacy processes and sweltering on-site server rooms.

The application of cloud services within an organization are nearly endless, and one of our partners, Twilio, is making great strides to make that claim true. Twilio develops dozens of cloud-based APIs for messaging, voice and video, and authentication to interconnect operations within an organization. They have partnered with us to utilize our High Accuracy Transcription and Keyword Extraction solutions, which help a business better understand the information going in and out of their phone lines on a daily basis.

Another one of our partners is using our speech-to-text API to improve the interviewing and hiring process for businesses. HireVue is a platform that aims to help streamline the inevitable digitization of the workplace through the use of digital interviews, candidate and employee assessments, and interaction analysis. The last one is where VoiceBase helps—speech learning from vocal interactions in both formal and informal environments allows a business to place value in conversations to inform future staffing and business decisions.


Media was one of the first industries to feel the effect of digitization. Current market trends have disrupted traditional business models and avenues for profit, and continued relevance for older media companies will hinge upon their ability to adapt to the new digital paradigm.

This is where our partner Veritone is looking to help. Their pioneer Cognitive Media Platform equips professionals with the ability to capture, index, search, and extend broadcast and digital content at near real-time speed. VoiceBase helps Veritone with this by monitoring speech from audio and video data to be processed, transformed, correlated, and analyzed automatically. The final product is valuable, actionable intelligence that can inform future decisions.


Our speech-to-text API and deep learning solutions have stretched their influence into numerous industries, providing priceless data to drive value for businesses and organizations new and old.

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