Meet VoiceBase at Call Center Week, June 28-30 in Las Vegas

by Emily Nave

Call Center Week is one of the world’s largest Contact Center Conferences and Expos and therefore, is a hub of information on the latest technology to detect, analyze and improve the customer experience.Based at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas, CCW16 is a must-attend event for call center professionals and the companies that provide value and services to the industry.


Today’s contact center is not lacking for data. There are mountains of calls waiting to be mined for intelligence. However, the manual process of analyzing voice recordings in search of business opportunities is labor intensive and costly. And it takes lots of time — time that could be better spent exploiting newfound insights for improving business processes. Imagine the results, if spoken data could be just as easily analyzed and understood, as textual data is.

Schedule a one-on-one meeting with a VoiceBase Sales Rep, for a live demo at Call Center Week!

Where will we be? Booth #810


With an advanced form of data mining, Predictive Insights leverages machine learning to identify patterns in voice recordings, intuit a speaker’s intent, and predict a future outcome — be it a sale, account cancellation, or one of many customized “X” signals your clients might request.

Using recorded call data, VoiceBase constructs predictive models that provide the means for automated call disposition, thus eliminating the need for costly human call scoring, and providing call center customers with actionable insights to support their sales, marketing, and CRM initiatives.


If you’re still not sure this is the event for you, watch last year’s highlight video below, and get ready to book your ticket!

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