Call Center Data Compliance

Scrub sensitive data from call recordings and transcripts to maintain compliance and create a searchable database of voice intelligence. 

Don’t Wait for the Audit

PCI DSS Compliance is Required for any Business processing credit cards.

If you’re not redacting, you’re at risk. Removing sensitive customer data from call audio and transcripts is essential to data compliance laws. Once your files are scrubbed, your entire organization then has access to valuable customer-centric insights.


Automated Redaction ROI

  1. Minimize compliance fine risk by Millions 
  2. Transform your call data into a searchable, insightful database

$200 Million

In 2017 Target reported costs of over $200 Million after a data breach for non-compliance.

The cyber attackers were able to gain access to payment card data and led to a large investigation and settlement with 47 states. 

$8.6 Million

Average cost to a business after a data breach in the United States.

An IBM report found this was the average cost for a business including compliance fines, litigations fees, and more. 


Increase in data theft attacks from 2019-2020 in the healthcare sector alone. 

A study by Protenus Breach Barometer found in 2020 that data theft has increased by almost 50% in one year. 

Automate Payment Data Security

VoiceBase Automated Redaction removes sensitive info from calls and transcript files. 

Lower compliance risk in your contact center and protect personal customer data, with AI. 

Through Natural Language Processing (NLP) our technology detects sensitive information spoken or transcribed, and removes it from the audio and text file. 


Access Dark Data

Without “cleaning” your database of transcripts and call audio, it is not securely searchable. 

By scrubbing your files and redacting sensitive data, you now have access to millions of customer-centric data metrics for analysis and insights. 

Discover the wealth of knowledge hidden in your contact center calls with AI-Powered voice analytics. 


redacted credit card

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We help Fortune 500 enterprises around the globe maintain customer data compliance through automatic PCI / PII detection and redaction. Meet with one of our experts to learn how we can help you minimize compliance risk and protect customer data. 


What is PCI Redaction?

PCI redaction is the automatic detection and removal of sensitive information such as payment card numbers from a file. 

How Does it Work?

Through AI and Machine Learning, VoiceBase PCI redaction automatically spots and removes certain data from audio or text files. 

Who Needs PCI Redaction?

Industries like telecom, insurance, and other consumer-facing businesses with large contact centers need to adhere to the many data security requirements, made easier through automated redaction. 

Why Redact?

Any business that handles credit card data is liable for millions in regulatory fines if a data breach occurs. 

What does it cost?

Pricing for PCI redaction with VoiceBase is competitive and pays for itself in an average of 4x in return on investment. 

How do we get started?

Schedule a consult with our team of experts, and we will show you how we have helped other companies like yours maintain compliance. Then we will work together on a “proof of concept,” showing you exactly how it works with your customizations applied.  

Download: Guide to Call Center Compliance

Learn how to secure sensitive customer data with AI. 

Call centers face a huge amount of rules and regulations, mostly concerning customer PII data. 

Download this guide for an overview of recommendations and tools to make compliance automated and cost-effective. 

executive guide to call center compliance