Voice Analytics for Customer Engagement

Easily Access Customer-Centric Data

Customer engagement is a measure of the relationship between your company and customers — more engaged customers give you their business. In many cases, call centers are at the forefront of the customer engagement process. A successful call center can foster a positive relationship between your company and customers, but how do you measure that success?

Voice analytics makes it easy to monitor your call center and improve customer engagement. The technology uses computer software to record and analyze your customer service calls and pinpoint key themes. At VocieBase, we specialize in providing call center software to help your business boost customer engagement.

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What Is Voice Analytics?

Voice analytics uses voice recognition technology to pull data from recorded spoken conversations. Since its inception in the early 2000s, voice analytics software’s impact has grown steadily, now maintaining a position as one of the most essential tools for data aggregation in any industry.

The software quickly transcribes speech to text and recognizes the speaker’s emotions and speech patterns such as tone, rate, pitch uproar and delays. While analyzing recorded audio was once a time- and capital-consuming task, modern artificial intelligence (AI) advances produce data fast. This allows your business to draw conclusions about your customers and call center staff members, making it an excellent tool for measuring and instituting plans to improve customer engagement.

How Can Voice Analytics Software Boost Customer Engagement? 

Voice analytics software is easy to use and collects actionable data that allows you to plan for your business’s future. The data provided by speech analytics can help you improve your business in the following ways:

  • Determine successful and failing tactics: By analyzing interactions with your customers, you can tell which products and advertising campaigns resonated with them most. You can also discover ways to improve less successful tactics. High numbers of customers may report technical difficulties such as error messages from your app, login trouble and site crashes. Customer engagement call center software can help you quickly find common problems and provide effective solutions.
  • Develop new products: Call center insight can help you determine new ways to meet your customers’ needs. Discover what your customers like about a competitor or wish they would see from your organization so your team can develop new products or services that satisfy those needs. 
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  • Expedite Customer Service: Fast and effective speech analytics technology allows your team to handle more calls in less time, decreasing your customers’ wait for assistance.
  • Uncover Helpful Solutions: In addition to recording conversations and analyzing speech patterns, voice analytics AI can listen to customer interactions and provide your human representatives with helpful resources on the spot. Augmenting your call center with speech analytics technology is the fastest way to provide the most effective solutions, helping ensure your customers leave the call satisfied.

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Implementing voice analytics technology is a reliable way for any business to improve customer satisfaction. For more information about how customer engagement software can benefit your company, contact the VoiceBase team today.