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This Quick Start configures a set of AWS resources to provide a seamless integration between Amazon Connect and VoiceBase in a few easy steps.

VoiceBase provides APIs for cloud-based speech analytics that enable Amazon Connect users to surface valuable insights from their contact center by ingesting recordings, and transcribing and analyzing call data. This Quick Start integration powers agent QA, agent training, sales and customer service optimization, compliance monitoring, and sensitive data scrubbing (PCI, PII, SSN) from your calls.

Amazon Connect is a flexible, cloud-based contact center service on AWS that enables organizations to provide optimal customer service at a lower cost. This is an attractive option for budget and quality conscious organizations that operate contact centers with varying work flows. There is no physical infrastructure to deploy and manage, so you can scale your Amazon Connect contact center up or down as needed. This is an open service, meaning it is easy to integrate with speech-to-text APIs from VoiceBase.

The VoiceBase integration makes it easy for Amazon Connect users to surface and analyze voice data from their contact center that can drive better customer service, improve agent training, optimize sales, monitor for compliance, and scrub sensitive data from Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) buckets.

  Keyword and Phrase Spotting

  Predictive Analytics

  Number Formatting

  Custom Vocabulary

  PCI Redaction

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