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At Anexinet, we stand true to our founding mission of more than a decade: β€œTo deliver real value by integrating useful technology in a timely manner at a fair price.” As a systems integrator and technology management firm, we help mid-market and Fortune 1000 companies to optimize their IT investment by improving system performance and operational processes.

At Anexinet, we serve our clients in two ways. On the Consulting side, we serve as a systems integrator, helping our clients integrate new technologies into their existing environment, with an eye toward business and process improvements. On the Product Sourcing side, our professionals help our clients make sense of multiple vendors and licensing options, to ensure that they are purchasing the right technology for their organization. Because of our strong relationships with our Partners, we are frequently able to secure value-added enhancements.

VoiceBase and Anexinet work together to build custom contact center speech analytics solutions for large enterprises.

βœ”Β  Speech-to-text

βœ”Β  PCI Redaction

βœ”Β  Knowledge Extraction

βœ”Β  Custom Vocabulary

βœ”Β  Conversation Metrics

βœ”Β  Complex Queries

βœ”Β  Call Categories

βœ”Β  Predictive Analytics

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