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CallN provides business and conversational intelligence to businesses using VoIP telephony. A SaaS cloud-based Voice analytics solution with a highly intuitive interface that customers love for its ease of use. CallN provides call recording, reporting, campaigns right through to voice-based Customer Experience Management and Analytics. Specific features include AI-powered voice and sentiment analysis, geo-location of calls, topic and keyword analysis, agent scoring and a powerful drag and drop rules engine

CallN is a completely self-serve, just sign-up and configure which handsets need to have calls transcribed and analyzed. If you want to get to the raw transcription data and metrics a customer can use their own developer to access CallNโ€™s completely REST API. CallN integrates with VoiceBase via itโ€™s rest API and this is seamless and hidden to our end users.

โœ”ย  PCI Redaction

โœ”ย  Custom Vocabulary

โœ”ย  CallN Swear Word Filtering

โœ”ย  Keyword and Phrase Spotting

โœ”ย  Javascript Playback Control

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