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ZaiLab is a next-generation software company specializing in omni-channel cloud-based contact center software. They create software for businesses of all sizes, particularly small to medium contact centers looking for a cost-effective way to personalize routing, improve client conversations and increase efficiency. With South African-based ZaiLab, setting up a contact center is quick and easy, and users can enjoy the functionality right away, including the Single Waiting Room that routes interactions based on customers’ past experiences, personalized by machine learning. With this pay-as-you-use software, there are no monthly fees or contracts and users are only charged for what they use.

ZaiLab and VoiceBase are helping businesses understand their customer’s sentiment and intent through real-time speech analytics. This integration will help agents handle upset or difficult interactions and ensure repeat callers with a bad experience are handled promptly and by experienced reps.

This product is currently in beta.

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