Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions for Call Centers

Easily access customer-centric data

Every year, AI plays a larger role in many businesses’ day-to-day operations. Among its many applications, AI can particularly benefit call centers. Call center AI software can help your business handle customer interactions with greater efficiency.

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Uses for AI in Contact Centers

Here are a few AI applications that can create better customer experiences and impact the way your company thinks about call centers.

Voice Analysis Software

CX Sentiment Analysis

AI makes it possible to record your call center interactions and convert the audio into text transcripts faster than ever. Plus, speech analytics software analyzes your transcripts to discover common themes between calls, identify keywords and monitor agent performance. Your business can quickly access useful data to develop informed strategies and track progress in an easy-to-use digital interface. 

Virtual Customer Assistants

Virtual customer assistants use AI to respond to your customers similarly to a human agent. Modern advances enable virtual assistants to understand different dialects, vernaculars and speech patterns. They can also discern between topics and respond according to the reason for your customer’s call. 

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Human Agent Augmentation

AI can help your human agents effectively respond to customer calls by listening to the conversation and providing useful information quickly. The technology operates behind the scenes to pull up helpful data based on the conversation or suggest a handful of solutions based on the customer’s problem. This way, your call center retains its human touch while benefiting from AI advancements. 

Predictive Call Routing

By gathering customer information at the start of a call, predictive routing’s AI can transfer your customer to the agent best suited to provide a solution. Predictive call routing factors information regarding the customer’s problem and analyzes the customer’s voice to estimate their mood and personality. This way, customers can connect with an agent that matches their temperament and needs. 

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How Can Call Centers Benefit From AI Software?

Improved technology can help your business by:

  • Gathering more actionable data. With AI software, you can gather useful information at a faster rate. Develop new strategies and find what works and what doesn’t with smart technology at your disposal.
  • Speeding up customer service. Reduce the average time of each customer service call with technology that provides helpful information fast.
  • Increasing customer satisfaction. When customers have a better experience with your call center, they are more likely to continue using your products and services. Use AI to find common problems and implement effective solutions.
  • Reducing call center costs. AI can increase your call center’s efficiency and reduce the human hours spent fielding calls, saving your business money on overhead costs.

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Call Center AI Solutions From VoiceBase

At VoiceBase, we specialize in developing AI solutions for contact centers that help companies reduce costs and expand their market share. We cater an easy-to-use program to your business’s specific needs so you can meet the changing economic landscape with confidence. For more information on the products and services that can improve your call center, contact the VoiceBase team today.