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Are you looking for ways to drive conversions in your call center? Sales often depend on accurate, insightful information about your customers and competitors. Modern technological advancements have also made actionable information more accessible than ever. To keep pace with your competition, it’s essential to implement new call center strategies that back your talented customer service team with artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and other innovative analytics tools. 

At VoiceBase, we develop sales optimization software catered specifically to your business’s call center. Our solutions can help you gather useful information and boost your call center’s conversion rate. Our products are easy to integrate into your current customer relationship management (CRM) system and comply with many regulating bodies. 

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Speech Analytics for Sales Optimization

Speech analytics is one of the most effective strategies to help businesses drive sales. VoiceBase software processes recorded call center conversations to gather data on your customers and agent performance. Calls are automatically transcribed into text and analyzed for a variety of data points such as keywords and common themes. 

After analyzing numerous calls,  speech analytics software presents the data in an easy-to-share and searchable interface complete with digestible graphics and other visualization tools. Your team can use the data to make fast, informed decisions and optimize your call center. 

How Does Call Center Sales Optimization Software Drive Revenue?

Voice analytics software can yield various benefits that lead to call center sales optimization. 

  • Develop strong products: Boosting your sales starts with developing products that meet your customers’ needs. Voice analytics software listens to your customers to discover needs they wish your products would fulfill or those fulfilled by your competitors. Use this information to improve your current offerings and develop new solutions. 
  • Improve marketing strategies: Speech analytics gives you access to information regarding why your customers chose your company and data on their personalities and interests. Your business can develop marketing campaigns around the strategies that resonate most with your customers, ensuring efficient use of your advertising budget. 
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  • Increase customer engagement on calls: Speech analytics can pinpoint what scripts or techniques are most successful at keeping a prospect on the phone, such as a specific style of introduction and reason for calling (RFC).
  • Speed up service interactions: Your customer service team can benefit from the support of AI that recognizes the reason for customer calls and listens for common problems. Voice analytics software pulls up information that can help your agents solve customer issues quickly, meaning your call center can field more calls and convert more leads in less time. 
  • Match customers with the best agents: Thanks to predictive analytics, our call center software can collect information on both your customers and your agents to match each customer with the best representative. Speech analytics software matches customers and agents based on personality and the reason for the call. It transfers the call to the agent with the best understanding of the particular topic and personality traits most likely to synergize with the customer. 
  • Retain customers: With voice analytics software, you can satisfy customers every time, ensuring consistent sales. You may also develop a stronger customer base committed to your brand and increase your chances of bringing in new ones. 
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