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Easily access customer-centric data

Advanced technology becomes more important for modern businesses every day. To get an edge over your competition, you need to collect and develop strategies based on the most useful data available. It’s especially important to gauge customer satisfaction so you can ensure consistent sales and prevent a loss of business to your competitors. Call centers encourage customers to speak their minds about your products and services, and voice analytics software helps convert those conversations into actionable data. 

At VoiceBase, we develop software specifically for customer satisfaction voice analytics. With our products, you can efficiently gather useful data from your customers to pinpoint your successes and failures, so your business can continue to grow. 

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How Does Voice Analysis Improve Customer Satisfaction?

VoiceBase’s customer satisfaction speech analytics software turns conversations into data your business can use to develop new strategies and improve your customer service center. Our customer satisfaction solutions:

CX Sentiment Analysis
  • Record calls. Voice analysis software connects to your call centers to record every conversation. Gather data from your happiest and most disgruntled customers alike.
  • Create transcripts. Using advanced mechanisms such as artificial intelligence (AI), your software transcribes massive amounts of conversations into text significantly faster than any employee could type them out. You can also check that your staff sticks to your call center script. 
  • Pinpoint keywords. Beyond transcribing conversations, speech analytics software can highlight keywords and notice patterns across exchanges. You can track the most common words and phrases your customers associate with your products and services, allowing you to gauge customer satisfaction on a large scale. 
  • Develop strategies. Voice analytics software can draw conclusions and recommend strategies based on keywords. 
  • Measure progress. With your strategies in place, it’s easy to track your progress within your software. Analyze data with engaging graphics and an easy-to-navigate interface. Track more calls to see if your strategies are working or if you should change your approach. 
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Benefit From Increased Customer Satisfaction

Voice analytics software makes it easy to gather data that helps improve customer satisfaction. By implementing speech analytics, you can experience some of the following benefits. 

  • Increase sales: Happier customers are more likely to develop loyalty to your brand. With better data, you can understand why your customers choose you over your competitors, allowing you to lean into your successes and develop more products that meet customer needs. 
  • Avoid bad press: Voice analysis can also help you pinpoint areas for improvement. Discover what products or services drove former customers to choose a competitor, and adjust your business model accordingly. You’ll know exactly how to improve your brand and customer service center.
  • Increase call center efficiency: Better data allows you to minimize traffic to your customer support lines and provide a quicker solution to the calls you receive. With fewer complicated call center interactions, your staff may feel happier at work and produce at a higher level. 

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