E-Commerce Contact Centers

Easily access customer-centric data

Accurate customer information drives sales, and with the competitive nature of the digital marketplace, it’s more important than ever to find effective solutions to help your business achieve conversions. At VoiceBase, we develop e-commerce contact center voice analytics software that will unveil useful information, improve customer experience and boost sales figures. 

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The Voice Analytics Process

Obtaining useful information with voice analytics software is fast and easy. Using AI, your software will record every call to your contact center and create an on-the-spot transcript detailing every word spoken between your customer and agent. The software will pick up on key themes and common talking points. You’ll have access to the transcribed information within a user-friendly digital interface that allows you to pull up helpful visuals and share data across platforms, arming your team with the information needed to develop new strategies or monitor progress.

With e-commerce customer speech analytics software, you’ll obtain an extensive range of information covering everything from your customers’ buying process to your call center operations. Plan for your future with actionable data at hand, including:

  • Customer demographics and location.
  • Speech patterns and tone.
  • Prior-contact information and stage in the buying journey.
  • Chances of buying today and over time.
  • Frequently asked questions and keywords.
  • Agent script adherence and conversion rate.

Benefits of E-Commerce Call Center Voice Analytics

E-commerce call centers can see vast improvements with voice analytics at their disposal. Integrate VoiceBase software into your workflow to benefit from:

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  • Audience Tracking: Voice analytics software will pull data from each past interaction a customer has had with your company. From call center interactions to social media posts and everything in between, you’ll have information on where your customer is along the buying process so your business can adjust its approach to maximize the conversion chances.
  • Call Forwarding: At the start of a call, your software will obtain a reason for the contact and transfer the buyer to an agent best suited to provide a solution. What’s more, the software will listen to the customer’s voice to gather information on their personality, increasing the likelihood of matching them with an agent who’s a good fit.
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  • Customer Predictions: Your software will find common threads between the customers who make purchases. This way, your business can prioritize its marketing approach to target the individuals most likely to become buyers. With this improved targeting, speech analytics for e-commerce centers enhances the customer experience at multiple levels by providing more relevant products.
  • Problem Resolution: Pinpoint common problems users experience with your products, website or app in real time and provide effective solutions.
  • Call Center Efficiency: Armed with helpful customer information, your agents will field more calls in less time. Your software will also listen in on the conversation and pull up relevant information on your products or services to help make a fast conversion.
  • Employee Performance Tracking: Use transcripts to determine which call agents adhere to their script and make successful conversions. You’ll find opportunities to reward successful employees and discover teaching moments for lower-performing members of your staff.
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  • Real-Time and Long-Term Analysis: Use customer response information to determine the success of your new products or marketing campaigns both in real time and down the road. You’ll discover what works and what doesn’t, allowing you to make the most of your marketing budget and develop new products or services that better meet the market’s needs.

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