Call Analytics for Marketing 

Easily access customer-centric data

Are you looking to improve your marketing campaigns and see higher sales numbers? Actionable information on potential buyers drives business, and there’s no better source than your customers. Voice analytics makes it possible for your company to gather useful information directly from your customer base during call center conversations. Artificial intelligence (AI) also makes it easier than ever to collect and interpret massive amounts of customer data that you can use to strengthen your marketing campaigns. 

At VoiceBase, we develop call analytics software to help businesses bolster their marketing campaigns. No matter your industry, contact centers unveil vital information that can open pathways toward increasing your market share. Learn more about your customers’ needs and find new ways to meet them with call analytics for marketing campaigns. 

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How Does Call Analysis for Marketing Work?

CX Sentiment Analysis

Voice analytics software quickly produces actionable data and is easy to integrate into your day-to-day operations. Customer calls are recorded and then processed with voice analytics software from VoiceBase. Speech engine AI is then used to create text transcripts covering every word spoken by your agent and the customer. It also creates a rich set of data outputs in JSON format — as well as those for every other recorded call — to pinpoint keywords, common themes and speech patterns. It separates your customers into groups based on their commonalities and is often integrated into business intelligence dashboards that make the information easily accessible for the entire organization. 

With mounds of useful data at your disposal, you can search for keywords and analyze individual customer groups. Our software makes it easy to share information across platforms, so your team can quickly analyze the data and make informed decisions. 

Advantages of Marketing Voice Analytics for Contact Centers

When you implement call analysis when planning your marketing strategies, you can experience various benefits.

  • Advertise efficiently: Develop marketing campaigns based on the strategies that actually work. Searching for keywords and common themes in your customers’ calls can help you find what they like about your products and which campaigns caught their attention. Skip the trial-and-error approach and invest your capital with certainty.
  • Resolve common problems: Your analytics software may pick up on common reasons for customer complaints. This gives you easy access to information regarding areas for improvement so your team can develop solutions to better meet your customers’ needs. Also, find ways to improve your advertising campaigns, streamline your website and fix product defects.
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  • Target your product design: Great ad campaigns start with products that fulfill a specific need.Your customers may often tell your call center what they want from your products and services or even reasons why they chose a competitor instead. Call center analysis allows you to improve your offerings based on accurate customer information.
  • Build better brand engagement: Voice analytics data reveals ways to improve your call center performance, reinforcing the brand identity you present in your marketing campaigns. Develop advertisements that resonate with your customers and back them with quality customer interactions, making them even more likely to spend money with your company. 

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