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Recording call center interactions is a useful strategy for businesses interested in learning more about their customers, driving sales and monitoring their customer support agents. However, using voice analytics practices comes with its own set of regulations. Businesses recording sensitive customer information must adhere to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Fortunately, VoiceBase’s compliance software for call centers streamlines PCI DSS adherence. 

At VoiceBase, we provide voice analytics software that helps your business improve your call center while complying with PCI codes and other regulating bodies. Laws are subject to change and may vary from state to state. Our experienced team understands these nuances and provides call center compliance solutions that allow your business to navigate the changing technological landscape with confidence. 

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What Is PCI Compliance? 

PCI compliance seeks to protect sensitive customer information and prevent businesses from suffering cyberattacks. The payment process is a particularly vulnerable point for a customer’s credit card information, so there are various rules in place to secure cardholder data. Violating these rules increases the risk of data breaches and can subject your company to monthly fines. The PCI DSS requires businesses to meet the following goals. 

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  • Network security: Businesses must install a firewall configuration to protect card information. The PCI DSS also requires companies to change any default system passwords or security parameters. 
  • Cardholder data protection: Companies have to encrypt cardholder data when sending it across public networks. 
  • Security system maintenance: Maintaining a secure digital system of company applications involves using and regularly updating antivirus software. 
  • Safe access control: Restricting data access is important. Businesses must keep cardholder data on a need-to-know basis by assigning each employee a unique ID and allowing access only to approved users. This rule should apply for physical access to cardholder information as well. 
  • Regular network testing: Businesses should monitor access to their network and information and conduct regular testing for those security systems.
  • In-house information security policymaking: Creating a culture that normalizes data security maximizes the safety of customers’ sensitive data and expands business’ protection against cyberthreats. 
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How Can Call Centers Maintain PCI Compliance? 

There are several ways your call center can ensure PCI compliance, such as securing written or oral consent prior to the call or providing a warning at the start. The most effective solution for PCI compliance is to integrate quality voice analytics software that covers all the necessary requirements. 

VoiceBase’s call center recording and analytics programs comply with the PCI DSS with several features. VoiceBase is PCI-DSS Level 1 Certified, which is the highest security certification awarded by the PCI Security Standards Council. Our automated redaction solutions allow businesses to keep customer data secure by automating the process of removing sensitive information such as credit cards or social security numbers from call recordings and transcript files. 

Additionally, VoiceBase voice analytics allow call centers to ensure agents are reading proper scripts and disclosures, alerting to potentially fraudulent behavior, and notifying managers for certain behaviors or phrases. 

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VoiceBase designs contact center compliance solutions that protect your customers’ valuable data and effectively prevent data breaches. For more information on how our products ensure call center PCI compliance, contact the VoiceBase team today!