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Get actionable intelligence from your call center conversations and discover insights like never before. 

Lower Costs and IMProve CX with Speech Analytics

Transcribe and analyze millions of calls with speech analytics to discover customer insights and improve contact center performance.

Speech analytics involves gathering recorded audio files and analyzing the content of contact center calls to better measure and manage customer interactions and improve future methods. Speech analytics software often includes elements of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Artificial lntelligence (AI) technology. 

Historically, Business Leaders were limited in the amount of data they were able to access around the customer and the marketplace. Similarly, Call Center executives were limited to the results of a small amount of manually audited and transcribed phone calls. 

With Speech Analytics Technology, organizations are able to transform their operations and business intelligence programs with automated call transcription and insights. Every call can be transcribed and transformed into a rich data source used by multiple departments. 

Today, progressive businesses are using speech analytics tools to understand every aspect of their customer interactions, how their contact center is performing, and apply these learnings to optimize for lower costs and higher revenue.  


Nothing can tell you more about your products, marketplace, and business than analyzing your customer interactions. Call recordings are a gold mine of rich insights about customer churn reasons, product performance, customer experience, and campaign performance. 

Innovative businesses are turning to speech analytics technology solutions to discover insights such as: 

  • Why are customers calling in upset?
  • What is the best response an agent can give for a given customer question? 
  • How many consumers called about a specific product or service, and what was their feelings about it? 
  • Which agents are securing more sales and why? 
  • Which customers are likely to churn and how can it be prevented?
  • What are some things we can do to reduct Average Handle Time? (AHT)
  • Reduce AHT by discovering the root cause and improve agent training. 
  • Improve quality monitoring and compliance with automated PCI redaction and script adherance tracking.


 Turn Your Call Center Into A Revenue CENTER

Contact & Call Centers have historically been viewed as cost centers – expensive to own, operate, and manage. But with technology like speech analytics, businesses can significantly lower operational costs and turn their call center into profit centers.

How? It all starts with an accurate transcript. First, call recordings are processed with a speech analytics platform like VoiceBase. The files are transformed into digestible formats and enriched with 40+ paralinguistic metrics such as sentiment score, tone, keyword mentions, NPS rating, and more. This data is packaged up and visualized in a metrics reporting tool such as Tableau, Thoughtspot, or a custom app.

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Analysts & Managers are then able to drill down into detailed information such as agent performance, script performance, AHT by agent or team, regional discrepancies, etc. By analyzing all the conversations flowing through your contact center, you can surface actionable insights to then apply to agent training programs, coaching initiatives, or sales techniques.  

bpo call center sales optimization case study

Case Study: Growing Revenue with Speech Analytics

Learn how Avantive Solutions, a leading BPO call center, optimized sales processes and agent training by discovering strategic insights through speech analytics solutions from VoiceBase. 

Which INdustries Can Benefit From Speech Analytics?

Nearly every industry can benefit from a speech analytics program: any consumer-facing businesss, especially those in which retaining customers and ensuring a positive customer experience is important.


  • Ensure Compliance
  • Spot & Reduce Fraud
  • Retain Customers
  • Improve Agent Performance

Learn more about speech analytics for insurance companies here


  • Automate PCI Redaction
  • Track Conversions
  • Predict Churn
  • Optimize CX

Learn more about speech analytics for the Telecomm industry here. 


  • Track product questions 
  • Watch trends by region
  • Measure Brand Sentiment
  • Campaign Attribution

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How Can Speech Analytics be Used?

Speech analytics technology allows organizations to transform unstructured data from customer interactions into rich, structured data for valuable insights.

Historically, speech analytics has been utilized within the contact center space to manage agent performance, and get some baseline KPIs about customer experience and operations.

As customer experience (CX) is a growing differentiator, many enterprises are investing further in CX programs often incorporating Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies like Speech Analytics. Furthermore, speech analytics has started to be leveraged by departments outside the call center.


Enterprise organizations seeking a competitive edge have begun tapping into speech analytics as a new source of ROI, CX optimization, and operational insight.

For example, one national health benefits provider discovered that a large percentage of their callers (many over 50 years old) were having trouble finding the “make appointment” button on the website. By analyzing all of their call center calls with speech analytics, they were able to surface this trend quickly and take action to adjust their website and saw an increase in appointment bookings and a decrease in call center operations costs.

The value of voice analytics can extend beyond the contact center to every department to drive growth and ROI.


Speech Analytics for Agent QA

Script adherence, required disclosures, fraud risk, individuand more can all be tracked, scored, and analyzed automatically with speech analytics to track agent and team performance and identify opportunities for training. 

One VoiceBase customer discovered that a significant number of their sales reps were not reading the required disclosures during a sale, meaning that sale was invalid. By using VoiceBase intelligence to find these agents and coach them, they were able to increase valid monthly sales significantly.

call center rep scorecard graphic

How Do Speech Analytics Solutions Work?

Speech analytics is the use of automatic speech recognition software (ASR) and AI to analyze and understand a spoken conversation. Modern speech analytics software can translate recorded audio conversations (such as call center calls) into structured, searchable data. Furthermore, speech analytics tools like VoiceBase can identify emotion, intent, common topics, and more by interpreting audio patterns in human conversation.


There are mainly two methods to building speech analytics solutions; phonetic based and text based/fixed vocabulary speech engines. Phonetic based speech engines are built with a smaller grammar set and use phonemes as the basis for recognition and search, while fixed vocabulary engines are built with a larger, fixed, predefined vocabulary.

E-Book Download: Modern Speech Analytics Playbook

Get the modern speech analytics playbook, the guide to leveraging voice analytics technology throughout your entire organization. Content covers the de-siloing of customer interaction data, best practices for implementing a speech analytics program, and more.

Common applications of SPEECH analytics technology

What are some common use cases for speech analytics?

PCI Compliance

Immediately detect and redact PCI & PII data from call recordings and transcripts. Maintain data compliance and ensure customer data is secure with VoiceBase’s powerful PCI redaction feature. Each transcript has PCI data visually redacted and each recording has a “beep” sound in place of the sensitive data. Leveraging PCI redaction for every single call enables organizations to reduce risk while creating more accessible data.

Quality Assurance

Speech Analytics can uncover in-depth sentiment information. Customer experience has a direct effect on ROI. Gain a full understanding of your customer journey, emotions, and more by leveraging speech analytics within your call center. Text analytics can be utilized to add even more layers of meaning and insight from chat transcripts, social media feeds, and other written customer interactions.

Sales Optimization

Increasing sales through analyzing calls is a common use case for speech analytics. By using AI-Powered speech analytics, sales organizations can better understand what methods result in successful sales, and train towards those techniques. Understanding the customer’s intent to buy, common questions, and hesitations can be used to supercharge your sales reps to close more deals with more insight.


Optimize workforce management for your contact center by better understanding agent experience, coaching opportunities, and performance metrics with speech analytics. By analyzing every agent call, leadership can have summarized agent scorecards at their fingertips to power coaching and training. Get a big picture of operations and the ability to inspect down to the smallest detail.

How to Leverage Voice Analytics to Increase Sales

Case Study: Increasing Sales Using Voice Analytics

Sales optimization is a huge area of opportunity to utilize voice analytics technology. Download this in-depth case study to earn how auto sales leader Proactive Dealer Solutions optimized their sales process and grew earnings by $100,000  per month by leveraging speech analytics tools from VoiceBase.

VoiceBase is helping world-class businesses around the globe turn their calls into insights.

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