Marketing Leader’s Guide To Customer Intelligence

What can you accomplish with customer and market intelligence from your call center? 

marketing guide to customer intelligence and analytics
  • Brand Sentiment
  • Mentions of Competitors
  • Common Deal Objections
  • Common Questions about Products or Services
  • Overall Brand Sentiment
  • Campaign Attribution
  • Market Trend Tracking
  • Sales Optimization
  • Improve CX 

Learn how to discover untapped consumer and market intelligence from a data source that already exists in your organization.

The Need for Customer and Market Intelligence

Marketing Leaders need data to succeed. Yet Voice of the Customer Programs often lack a critical source of data: voice

Customer conversational intelligence uses AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to transcribe customer interactions and transform that data into actionable intelligence for Marketing and Sales and Revenue teams.

Insights gathered can be applied for rapid ROI ranging from sales process optimization, customer churn prediction, campaign insights, and overall brand performance.

Customer-centric analytics provide the entire enterprise visibility into what your customers are thinking, saying, and feeling about your brand and your products. 


customer experience analtyics

The Value of Customer Conversational Intelligence

Conversation intelligence combines call tracking and scoring with AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to provide business leaders with analytics and actionable insights to improve marketing, sales, and CX.

Measuring and analyzing the voice of the customer is a crucial function to maintain a strategic advantage in today’s competitive market. Innovative enterprises know that the most valuable source of this data doesn’t lie within costly and time consuming market research studies, but rather in first-party data they already own: customer phone calls and conversations from the call center. 

Conversational intelligence software provides the solution to extract meaningful data from every customer interaction and leverage those insights to optimize every area of the business. 100% of customer calls can be tracked, scored, and analyzed in detail and in aggregate with other customer-centric data to complete a full picture of your customer and market ecosystem. 

Intelligence from Customer Conversations provides business leaders with unmatched understanding of the consumer, surfacing clear actions to take to optimize and improve systems and procedures. 

For example: Once your team has all the customer conversational data in front of them in a reporting dashboard, they can immediately discover where to take action and why. Spot which products and services have certain emotions associated with them, understand the customer journey, learn what sales agent approaches lead to more sales, predict customer behavior, and more. 


How Does Customer Conversational Intelligence Work?

1. Platform attributes calls and tags with relevant data like campaign and date.

customer analytics gif

Example Metrics:

  • Caller Name
  • Caller Location
  • Referring Channel
  • Day/Time 

2. AI Speech Engines analyze the conversations for a multitude of metrics

speech to text alt

Custom trained speech analytics models process the unstructured audio from the call recordings and transform all that data into metrics like customer sentiment score 1-7, sale made y/n, agent quality, and 40+ paralinguistic metrics. 

3. Customer Call Data is Activated Across Your Analytics Tools Like Tableau.

customer conversation insights slow

Structured, formatted data is visualized in your choice of Business Intelligence tool, and joined with other data sources such as CRM data. 

Imagine what your team could do with valuable customer conversation and market intelligence with the data your business already owns. Get a consultation with our team to get an introduction to all the insights that are possible with the VoiceBase end-to-end speech analytics and customer insights platform.

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