AVST delivers secure voice messaging for highly regulated industries from healthcare, education, and government to the largest global enterprises with VoiceBase. Voice messaging allows you to identify specific words and understand the purpose for each call.

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Number Formatting

VoiceBase Speech-to-Text formats numerical words as numbers when a U.S. phone number is spoken, to enable click-to-call functionality directly from SMS or emails, for easy callback results.

Scalable Voicemail Transcription

Manually transcribing each voicemail is inefficient and expensive. Our voicemail transcription solution is fast, accurate, secure, and scalable. Our cloud-based solution helps save storage space on phones and increases your transcription bandwidth efficiently and effectively.

Email Security Gateway

When sharing a voice-to-text message through email, it is important that the message is secure, considering voicemails can share personal information such as phone numbers, dates, and times. We can provide an email security gateway that manages and filters all inbound emails containing voice messages to protect organizations from email-borne threats, data leaks, and emails that could break company policy.

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