Voice, Voice Baby – Big Voice Data is Here!

by Jim Sinur

Voice, Voice Baby

Voice-enabled devices are everywhere, and there is a high awareness of the potential for voice data on a personal level. Devices are in our living rooms and even in our bedrooms, but we are just scratching the surface of the use of data in organizations other than a simple search, understanding, and basic commerce. People talk to speech recognition like real people and say things like “please and thank you”. Organizations need to up their game to take on smarter uses of voice over the coming decade. Organizations will have to gear up for “Big Voice Data” that goes beyond rudimentary search to analytic leverage and secure redaction of sensitive voice phrases.


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Popular Uses Today

Voice search is prevalent and driven by the younger generations, but the deep usage is coming for the middle-aged wealth builders. Search is a critical participant in understanding what something is, how to leverage it, and the best way to go about it. Search is also a significant participant in simple commerce to find and buy specific products and services. It is particularly useful for lower-cost items like groceries, entertainment, and essential clothing. Voice is poised for explosive growth in the enterprise for large and complex voice sources.

Needed Uses for Tomorrow

Because the voice influence cuts both ways, voice can influence commerce and help organizations to get better.  Organizations will have to ramp up their use of AI-powered voice analytics to gain an advantage. Savvy organizations are examining the critical moments of sales or service leveraging conversation analysis speed and accuracy at optimal cost levels. By understanding what was said and making the intent discoverable, new opportunities arise. This process allows organizations to analyze interactions and prescribe proper actions. The typical uses are for offers, complaints, first call resolution, compliments, outages, and escalation analysis.

On The Edge Uses

Organizations need to stop thinking about voice as just an interface or the outcome of a conversation. Voice data is a unique source of critical insights for the business. The leading organizations create the next generation of communication and collaboration with AI bots/agents to identify call drivers, trends, predict new directions, and design or optimize products and service bundles. This kind of smart voice leverage can apply to prospects or customers and all constituents involved with product/service creation, including employees and vendors. Voice analysis could cover the end to end supply or value chains. Voice analytics applies to both external and internal voice moments of truth, differentiating amongst the individuals’ diversity at the same time.

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Call Drivers Dashboard 

Net; Net:

We all know that voice has much more value than any other means of communication because it expresses context, sentiment, intent, emotions, and action potential. Speech technology should be a vital part of any digital transformation as there are critical insights about product, service, and customers. Better accuracy, smarter implementations, and bulletproof security will allow more complex solutions while making it easier for users. It’s time to up your game at getting more value out of the voice in your organization.

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