VoiceBase Predictive Insights Named a 2017 Edison Best New Product Award Winner

by Emily Nave


We are honored to announce that VoiceBase Predictive Insights has been named a 2017 Edison Best New Product Award Winner! The Edison Awards, celebrating 30 years of recognizing the best in innovation and excellence in the development of new products and services, announced last night at the New York City Gala that VoiceBase Predictive Insights, an industry leading, cloud-based speech analytics solution was voted a Bronze Winner for innovation. Both Walter Bachtiger Founder & CEO and Jay Blazensky, Co-founder & CRO joined hundreds of senior executives from some of the world’s most recognized companies to acknowledge the hard work and commitment of all of the 2017 Edison Award winners and nominees.

VoiceBase Predictive Insights enables customers to surface a deeper understanding of spoken information.

Being recognized with an Edison Award has become one of the highest honors a company can receive in the name of innovation and business. The awards are named after Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931) whose inventions, new product development methods and innovative achievements literally changed the world, garnered him 1,093 U.S. patents, and made him a household name around the world.

VoiceBase Predictive Insights enables customers to surface a deeper understanding of spoken information. By leveraging machine learning and big data within the voice channel, VoiceBase automatically detects complex events from what is said, such as the client’s intent or an agent’s behavior. Automatically scoring every sales call for example as a “hot lead”, “first-time caller” and “non-prospect”, or detecting “potential churn” and “rude agent” in support calls will save businesses billions.

“Our judges recognized VoiceBase Predictive Insights as a true innovator out of the many products in its category,” said Frank Bonafilia, executive director of the Edison Awards.

The Edison Best New Product Awards™ are among the most prestigious accolades honoring excellence in new product and service development, marketing, human-centered design and innovation. These finalists were chosen as the “best of the best” by 3,000 of the world’s top senior business executives, academics, and innovation professionals.

One of the evening’s many highlights was the presentation of the prestigious Edison Achievement Award to Astro Teller, Captain of Moonshots, X and Jeffrey R. Immelt, CEO, GE. The award honors innovation leaders and business executives who have made a significant and lasting contribution to innovation throughout their careers. The Edison Achievement Award serves as inspiration to future innovators and to the world at large.

In addition to the Awards Gala, the annual Edison Awards program encompassed a full-day “Meet the Innovators Forum” and the “Innovators’ Showcase,” which offered guests a hands-on experience with many of the winning products. 


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