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VoiceBase in Forbes: 10 Ways AI Can Improve VOC
May 17, 2020
VoiceBase in Forbes Magazine

10 Ways AI Can Improve Voice Of The Customer Programs

By Louis Columbus (Forbes)

Machine learning algorithms are making it possible to provide a real-time multidimensional view of caller and agent-based attitudinal performance, intonation, sentiment, and the relative changes in each, all in the single integrated dashboard.  Combining supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms to find patterns in existing data and create entirely new linguistic and attitudinal models is delivering the intelligence organizations need to bring new energy and insights into customer relationships. The following Tableau example of what’s possible when machine learning techniques are applied to VoC data to find out what needs to improve in real-time and what’s going well. Source: VoiceBase Voice of the Customer Dashboard.

View the full Forbes article featuring VoiceBase here.

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