VoiceBase Named A Finalist For ‘San Francisco’s Best Tech Startup’ by Tech In Motion

by Emily Nave


We’re excited to announce that VoiceBase has been named as a finalist for ‘San Francisco’s Best Tech Startup’ by Tech in Motion. San Francisco’s 2nd Annual Timmy Awards is an effort to recognize the best places for technology professionals to work. The San Francisco tech community has weighed in by nominating companies they believe deserve to win and all audiences are invited to vote for the winners! We are humbled and grateful to have been nominated, and are extremely excited to be finalist.

Organizations and individuals will be crowned the winners in each of the following categories on December 8th; San Francisco’s Best Technology Startup, San Francisco’s Best Technology Manager, and San Francisco’s Best Technology Work Culture. The evening will begin with cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, music and product demos from the best of the best in San Francisco tech.


These events are full of energy, positivity and just lots of fun all around! 

VoiceBase is an innovative speech analytics solution, which surfaces actionable insights every business needs. With a cloud-based, pay as you go model, businesses of any size now have access to rich speech analytics previously only available to large enterprises.

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