VoiceBase Will Be Doing “Big Voice” Things at LeadsCon Las Vegas!

by VoiceBase Inc.

LeadsCon Las Vegas is the most important event for Lead Gen and Performance Marketing—anywhere. This year will be VoiceBase’s first time attending the LeadsCon conference, so we’ve decided to make a splash by sponsoring a free lunch on both days of the expo (Tues & Wed)! With over 3,000 attendees, 100+ speakers and 25+ sessions we are extremely excited to be sponsoring and exhibiting at this event (plus, Vegas baby!).

VoiceBase is an ai-powered voice analytics company, providing powerful call center insights for organizations and flexible custom voice data solutions. Our technology provides call centers the answers to their questions by extracting valuable keywords form your recordings.

Got Twilio recordings? We’ve got a simple integration for you! Through the VoiceBase API, Twilio customers can now gather actionable insights from spoken information in all of their recordings. For your customers, knowing what is spoken inside these recordings is absolutely critical for monitoring agents, keyword spotting, trend detection and much more. Learn more about this valuable combination in Twilio’s blog; Transcripts, Search, and Keyword Spotting With Twilio And VoiceBase. We’re encouraging Twilio customers to bring some sample recordings to booth #713 to get a demo and see the exciting speed and accuracy.

P.S. If you’re attending LeadsCon with the intention of looking for a call center solution with powerful speech analytics, keep your eyes peeled for a new, powerful partnership we’ll be announcing at the event!

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