Customer Spotlight: Auto Tagging with OrecX

by Natalie Chilton

A pioneer in the call recording industry, OrecX has recently announced a full integration between their product Oreka TR (voice recording software), and VoiceBase.

This integration enables OrecX customers to utilize their new feature; Auto Tagging.

Auto tagging is a feature of Oreka TR that allows customers to define keywords and phrases which should be detected when spoken and flagged for future actions. Now recording users can conveniently filter calls based on that business’ specific needs. Users can escalate problem calls quicker, monitor agents more efficiently, or track other key business insights such as competitor mentions, voice of the customer, and marketing performance.

Auto Tagging: Efficiency in Recording

Oreka TR software captures 100 percent of customer calls utilizing a variety of features. Every call that is made or received can be recorded and stored for later. The Auto Tagging feature allows customers to replay and customize their tags, making each recording useful for review.

For example, auto tagging can be used to know when a customer is satisfied or unsatisfied. It has the ability to customize keywords and phrases such as ‘upset,’ ‘speak to a manager,’ ‘happy,’ or ‘I’m interested in.’ 

See the video below to learn more about Oreka TR and view voice analytics and autotagging in action!

There are 3 prerequisites required to use auto tagging:

  1. An Oreka TR license- auto tagging comes standard with Oreka TR
  2. A VoiceBase API Account: Request Access Here
  3. A Speech Analytics profile in Oreka TR that defines keywords and phrases


This integration of technology between OrecX and VoiceBase is transforming the efficiency of call center recordings, while creating a better customer experience.

Learn more about auto tagging and Oreka TR today by visiting their site!

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