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Press Release: VoiceBase Delivers Predictive Analytics for Slice Delivery APP
January 12, 2021

VoiceBase Delivers Predictive Analytics to Slice, Giving Local Pizzerias a Bigger Piece of the Pie

VoiceBase provides actionable insights for clients like Slice to best serve their customers and optimize operations.

San Francisco, CA, USA, Jan. 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — VoiceBase, the leading AI-powered voice analytics company, today announced that Slice, the innovative tech platform powering America’s local pizzerias, is leveraging VoiceBase to understand customer behaviors and predict future outcomes and actions. By processing dual-channel audio recordings through the VoiceBase platform, Slice is automatically able to quantify how many sales they drove to each local pizzeria partner, and surface insights on user experience and product performance.

Slice started using VoiceBase’s Predictive Insights to enhance the customer experience when placing orders over the phone.  The process involves data mining, natural language processing, and AI to analyze huge amounts of unstructured conversational data and transform it into valuable data points. For example, without having to manually score calls, Slice can use VoiceBase Predictive Insights to automatically measure how many calls included orders, and to which restaurant the sale was driven, at scale.

“Slice’s mission is to keep local thriving, and one way we do that is by making it easy for pizza lovers to order from their go-to shops and discover their next favorite,” said Jason Ordway, Chief Technology Officer at Slice. “By integrating VoiceBase, we can measure and optimize performance to ensure customers continue to have the very best ordering experience.”

“Predictive analytics is the ‘secret sauce’ to identify conversational insights that drive business forward. Slice leverages this technology to improve and enhance their data to better understand customer trends and use that data to empower local pizzerias,” said Jay Blazensky, Co-Founder and CRO of VoiceBase. “With all the difficulties 2020 presented to the restaurant industry, it is refreshing to partner with a startup that is having such a positive impact for local businesses.”

VoiceBase trained predictive models for Slice to capture custom interaction signals such as “purchase made,” or “customer sentiment.” By compiling thousands of data points — not just a few keywords — VoiceBase constructs analytical models that can accurately detect spoken signals and classify calls according to those pre-tagged signals. Predictive analytics can provide businesses with powerful insights about their customer base, operations, and how to turn insights into actions. With the ability to track, measure, and predict outcomes, Slice’s analyst team can determine what is the next best course of action and measure app performance.

“At VoiceBase, we have a saying: ‘what’s in your calls today will be in your financials tomorrow.’ Customer experience is important to measure and manage. Businesses who listen to their customers will continue to have a competitive advantage in the market,” said Jay Blazensky. “We are proud to provide our customers with the ability to discover insights and take immediate action to ensure overall business success.”


About Slice

Slice transforms independent pizzerias with the specialized technology, marketing, data insights, and shared services they need, all at a low fixed cost per order, to serve today’s digital-minded customers. Enabling these small businesses to thrive against major corporate chains, Slice makes it easy for customers to order from their go-to shops and discover their next favorite. Serial tech entrepreneur Ilir Sela started Slice to solve the digital challenges of his family’s New York City pizzerias. Today, the company partners with over 14,000 pizzerias across 3,000 cities in all 50 states forming the nation’s largest marketplace for authentic pizza.

For more information on Slice’s product and company, visit, and follow Slice on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.


About VoiceBase

VoiceBase helps customers access and leverage the value within their voice data. Using AI-Powered voice analytics and Natural Language Processing (NLP), VoiceBase allows businesses to rapidly process conversational data for actionable insight. VoiceBase is used by Fortune 500 companies and SMBs across the globe to drive results and turn call centers into ROI generators for leading enterprises.

To learn more about VoiceBase, please visit and follow VoiceBase on Twitter.

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