CustomerView is an omni-channel application that makes sense of big data. The CR-X powered solution uses NLP and machine learning to extrapolate critical data from calls, chat, email, etc to automatically monitor agents, provide top agent modeling, and 100% NPS.

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Detect Trends & KPIs

Monitor key conversation analytics like average
hold time, first call resolution, silences, talk
time and over talk to get fast answers about
what’s happening in sales and service calls.

Identify Best Practices & Tribal Knowledge

Discover patterns across your most successful
agents, and different geographies in your business. Use those insights to power all agents’ success through coaching new hires, better objection handling, and powerful keyword patterns.

Automate Call Driver Analysis

Often multiple topics are covered in one call.
This makes it difficult for call centers to accurately categorize what types of calls account for their highest volume. VoiceBase’s Query language for speech analytics can detect multiple events within one call, power complex searches, and slice and dice both call and conversation metrics like never before.

Improve customer experience
with better agent performance

Discover Big Voice Intelligence

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