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VoiceBase and Voxbone Answer the Call for an Effective, Easy-to-Use Speech Analytics Service
August 8, 2017

Voice analytics provider VoiceBase now has a direct line to businesses using Voxbone’s communications services, in order to deliver valuable insights in just a few clicks. With Speech Analytics, Voxbone’s phone numbers offer high-quality call recordings, delivered instantly and without the need for additional equipment. Customers using Voxbone also have pre-integrated access to VoiceBase’s services so that they can rapidly access valuable (yet often overlooked) metrics that can have a big impact on a growing business.

VoiceBase is a 2017 Edison Award winner and certified PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) provider with customers that include hosted PBX companies, enterprises and call centers. The company notes that 3,700 times more information is spoken between sales and support calls than written online–that’s a lot of data that can help a company see where they’ve been and where they could be going.

With automated call scoring, as well as keyword spotting and extraction, VoiceBase delivers metrics that can transform the ways businesses communicate more effectively. Their analytics help businesses get the most out of voice interactions by identifying and logging impactful sales statements, improving agent-customer interactions and delivering predictive insights. With the new Speech Analytics service, Voxbone provides high-quality calls that set a solid foundation for VoiceBase to deliver the best possible results.

“The better the recording quality, the better the voice analytics,” says Walter Bachtiger, VoiceBase CEO and Founder. “Voxbone’s HD recording capabilities give VoiceBase a great foundation to deliver optimal metrics to customers. The process is so easy that users can save even more time and resources getting the analytics they need to be as effective as possible.”

“We’re seeing voice calls play a vital role for our enterprise customers, in more ways than ever,” says Itay Rosenfeld, Voxbone CEO. “The insights provided by VoiceBase have real value to help businesses make the most out of spoken interactions through useful data. By making the process as simple as possible, Voxbone aims to give our customers the tools to have better conversations without complications.”

About VoiceBase

VoiceBase provides easy-to-use APIs that automatically transcribe audio and video content, provide speech analytics with extracted keywords and topics, and predictive analytics based on machine learning technology. Every day, VoiceBase processes millions of recordings that allow users to search from the web or their mobile device into the timeline of a recording, and play the precise parts of a phone call, conference call, webinar, educational lecture, podcast or video.

Enterprises make use of the VoiceBase platform to serve multiple use cases that include compliance, agent monitoring, voice of the customer, sales coaching and video captioning. VoiceBase’s customers include AWS, Twilio, Nasdaq,, HireVue, Invoca and Callcap. The company is privately held and is based in San Francisco, California.

About Voxbone

Voxbone takes the complexity out of global telephony by providing local phone numbers and SMS services, on demand and via API, in more than 60 countries and 9,000 cities around the world. Our IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) solution allows cloud communications providers, international carriers and enterprise contact centers to extend the reach of their voice networks on demand and at wholesale pricing.

Voxbone’s happy customers include Skype, Zoom, Dialpad, CaféX, Orange Business Services, foodpanda, Deutsche Telekom, Telefónica, 8×8, NTT Communications, InContact and Serenova. Want to know more? Come and check out our website at

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