The Newest Twilio Marketplace Add-On From VoiceBase: Transcription with Custom Vocabulary

by Emily Nave


At Twilio’s yearly SIGNAL conference this week, VoiceBase has announced a 3rd Add-On for the Twilio Marketplace; VoiceBase Transcription w Custom Vocab. This Add-On follows the success of VoiceBase’s previous two applications, High Accuracy Transcription and PCI Detection & Redaction, which entered the Twilio Marketplace last year at this time, during its unveiling. These applications enabled developers to get machine-generated transcription, keyword spotting results, and redact sensitive credit card information from their recorded content, with the click of a button. Now, Twilio users can also add unique terms to their own custom vocabulary list in order to ensure their transcription can recognize the words that are most important to them; their own company name, product titles, competitors, pronouns, acronyms, etc.


By utilizing this new Add-On, customer can increase the value of Twilio audio recordings with the world’s most accurate and incredibly fast, speech recognition solution. Automatically detect and discover what’s said, using keyword and topic extraction to garner a greater knowledge about your business. Twilio developers can now automate important business processes based on what customers are saying to save resources, improve customer experience and better the agent training process. Transcription and keyword analytics are returned from VoiceBase in JSON data within 2 hours, for faster turnaround.

What is Custom Vocabulary?

The VoiceBase speech recognition engine may now be augmented and optimized with custom vocabulary terms. Term recognition may also be enhanced by adding a weight (0 – 5) or ‘Sounds-Like’ terms. Enter each term with the following structure:

term;sounds like term;weight

Example: Twilio;twilleeeooh;3

This exciting and unique feature allows Twilio users to add terms such as; 

  • Jargon
    • buyback, multichannel
    • e-commerce, self-driving, eSports
  • Proper Nouns
    • Audi, Mercedes, VoiceBase, LinkedIn
    • MacBook, Hyperloop
    • Okunski, Boynton, DiCaprio, Russell
  • Acronyms
    • CEO, CFO, UFO
      • *Note: The acronym must be submitted with a period after each letter (ex. E.M.E.A) and the return will include a period after each letter
  • Non-dictionary words
  • Hyphenated words
  • Multi-word phrases
    • Please log into your account
    • Welcome to ‘name’ customer service

VoiceBase is the industry leader for cloud-based speech analytics. Join our own John Bocharov and Twilio’s Vineet Agarwal, Thursday, May 25th on Pier 27 to discuss Programmable Voice Meets Custom Vocabulary Speech Analytics: An Interactive Demo. 


Check out our website to learn more or even enter a free trial to test our service for yourself! You can also, talk to our sales team and schedule a time for a demo or just to get to know us better! We’d love to chat.

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