Enterprise-grade security has been a key feature of the VoiceBase system’s design from the very beginning. Every aspect of both the system and its hosting environment was designed to isolate and protect customer data.

  • Multi-layered security
  • Internal subnets are separated
  • Encryption at rest & in flight
  • Restricted Access


Our system is highly distributed, fully redundant, and self-healing. We deliver 100% uptime, with no downtime windows for maintenance or system upgrades. In addition, our highly intelligent scheduling algorithms deliver consistently fast processing times regardless of load. For Enterprise customers, we offer contractual service level agreements to codify our reliability and processing times.


The VoiceBase API is built on a hybrid public/private cloud architecture, with servers running in Amazon Web Services and in multiple data center processing ‘pods’ owned and operated by VoiceBase. Our platform is designed to process a billion minutes per month or more, scaling dynamically as needed. Whether your application requires a thousand minutes per month of processing or a hundred million minutes, VoiceBase has you covered.


Speech Engine

The underlying VoiceBase speech engine is based on a large vocabulary speech recognition (LVSR) platform that utilizes deep learning neural networks to best determine what was said. VoiceBase has developed features to solve the known flaws of LVSR technology such as custom vocabulary, parallel processing, and number formatting in order to provide industry leading accuracy and analytical results.

Analytics and Machine Learning

In addition to the transcript, VoiceBase automatically surfaces keywords, key phrases, and topics from recordings using proprietary algorithms and customer input. This enables businesses to identify trends, perform competitive analysis and better track each customer’s journey. VoiceBase also enables complex queries with a SQL-like Query language built for speech analytics.

The API platform uses machine learning to perform predictive analysis on spoken information to automatically classify complex and subjective events. Businesses can utilize Predictive Insights to improve sale conversion rates, detect pre-churn, increase efficiency, and automate processes such as quality compliance measures.

Regulatory Frameworks

The VoiceBase API platform is PCI DSS Level 1 Certified to store, stream and redact credit card information in audio recordings and transcription files. We take data security and sovereignty very seriously and strive to provide all industries and all countries with a secure platform to analyze spoken information.

Contact us for more information on our security measures or certifications


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