Enterprise Connect 2015: A Week Full of Twilio & TATA

by VoiceBase Inc.

Enterprise Connect
 is one of the key conferences focused on communications transforming businesses every year. Last week thousands of telephony professionals descended upon Orlando, FL – not just for a subsidized family trip to Disney, but to learn, discuss and show-off the innovative new ideas advancing the communication industry. As VoiceBase’s first year attending, we quickly noticed three common themes; video is everywhere, SIP trunking or bust, and WebRTC. These themes became even clearer as we were set-up in the Twilio booth, which just released their SIP trunking product, and VoiceBase was announced as the speech analytics platform behind TATA communications’ Click2RTC solution.


As one of Twilio’s innovative partners we were excited to be featured in their 20×30 booth; exhibiting how on demand speech analytics can compliment the Twilio recording platform. This functionality now makes VoiceBase’s easy-to-use API, which delivers keywords, topics and actionable insights within minutes after a completed call, readily available to all Twilio users.

Twilio call center customers that record phone calls, SIP or WebRTC sessions can now gain deep insights into all of those conversations to accelerate sales or support performance. For example, attaching spoken keywords to CRM records enables a powerful new layer of predictive analytics that was previously unavailable or too expensive.

It was also announced at the show that TATA communications launched Click2RTC™, a solution using VoiceBase’s speech analytics to enable a new level of visual collaboration. This solution enables real-time communications within web and mobile applications on a global scale.

“Visual collaboration using Click2RTC™-enabled enterprise applications is expected to drive an enormous volume of WebRTC sessions every day. We help extract the business intelligence from these WebRTC sessions to power predicative analytics and drive better business decisions.” – Jay Blazensky, Co-Founder and Vice President of Business Development, VoiceBase

After a busy week, and a successful show we are excited for our next big event; SIGNAL, the developer conference by Twilio. Jay is one of the many speakers for the event so be sure to catch his exciting talk on disruptive Big Voice technology!

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