How to Enable The Next Generation of Customer Heroes at OPENTALK 2017

by Emily Nave


Join VoiceBase and other communication market leaders at TalkDesk’s  this April 25 & 26 at the Regency Centre in San Francisco.Opentalk is a revolutionary event designed to discuss and reshape current trends in customer communication. One of the reasons we are so excited for this show, is because it brings together employees from different functions of the customer experience ecosystem, from Salesforce Service CloudZendeskScreenMeet and Nexmo. These companies all believe in the value of excellent customer experience, whether that be through monitoring CSAT and NPS, creating easy access to sharing information through screens or through high quality phone calls. This will create an exciting forum for knowledge to be shared and discussions to be high energy and forward thinking. Customer experience is such a valuable element of any business that the industry and solutions are constantly evolving to meet the needs of our customers. At OPENTALK you’ll see technology and thought leadership at the forefront of this industry.

This year’s interactive show will focus on today’s most pressing customer service topics including: the use of bots, omnichannel vs. multichannel support, improving CSAT and driving revenue through customer loyalty. Join us at Opentalk 2017 to add your voice to the conversation.

Elevate your performance in the call center to heroic proportions

Thousands-upon-thousands of conversations pour into call centers worldwide every day containing priceless information. The trick is – how do you get it out? How do you extract hidden nuggets of knowledge and turn them into performance enhancers for customer-facing agents? If your sales and customer service reps know what works before they get on the call, they’ll be much better equipped to overcome objections, qualify prospective leads, diffuse churn-inducing issues, and, all in all, become considerably more effective on the job.

In short: they’ll close more deals, sell more products, and keep more customers happy and in the fold. The performance enhancers are already there, waiting to be found in the call data. All you have to do is extract them and figure out how to leverage newfound insights to improve agent performance.

Join us at OPENTALK to learn more about how to leverage speech analytics in your customer experience strategy! 

The VoiceBase Speech Analytics API enables businesses to detect keywords, topics and complex events in spoken information. Customers use this ability to automate key business processes to increase customer loyalty, customer experience and customer retention.

What will you detect?

  • CSAT
  • NPS
  • Sales
  • Pre-Churn Accounts
  • Voice of the Customer

About VoiceBase

VoiceBase provides easy-to-use APIs that automatically transcribe audio and video, provide speech analytics with extracted keywords and topics, and predictive analytics based on machine learning technology. Every day, VoiceBase processes millions of recordings that allow users to search from the web or their mobile device into the timeline of a recording, and play the precise parts of a phone call, conference call or webinar, educational lecture, podcast or video. Enterprises make use of the VoiceBase platform to serve multiple use cases that include compliance, agent monitoring, voice of the customer, sales coaching and video captioning. VoiceBase’s customers include Twilio, Nasdaq,, HireVue, Invoca and Callcap. The company is privately held and is based in San Francisco, California.

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