Automatic Speech Recognition

How does VoiceBase ASR work and what is the value for enterprise businesses?


In Summary, ASR allows enterprise brands extract valuable data from unstructured conversations and turn it into structured data to inform better business decisions and insights. 

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Q: What Are the Use Cases of ASR?

Enterprise businesses can leverage custom-trained ASR speech analytics engines to develop valuable reporting and analytics capabilities to better understand customer and market insights. 

Some of the top use cases for enterprise brands include: 

  • Optimizing Customer Experience in the Contact Center
  • Scoring, and tagging calls with automated software
  • Tracking Conversions and enabling sales reps with learnings
  • Measuring operational performance and cost
  • Understand key consumer insights
  • Track and measure market insights
  • Lower contact center costs
  • Custom applications

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Q: What is Automatic Speech Recognition?

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) is a type of technology that converts spoken words into text. It’s the first step in transforming spoken audio conversations into valuable data for in-depth analysis and decision making. 

Q: How Does ASR Work?

ASR allows computers to detect patterns in audio waveforms and match them with sounds in a specific language, identifying which words were spoken. Simple systems only recognize a small “dictionary” of terms, whereas complex, machine-learning models like those used by VoiceBase can understand millions of spoken words, tone, pitch, emotional context, and other metrics of a conversation. 

Q: What is the underlying technology?

Much of ASR involves Natural Language Processing, or NLP. Natural Language Processing ASR essentially enable us to have “conversations” with computers. 

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