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VoiceBase Coach

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Coach your agents through customer interactions with smart in-app guidance.

Work Smarter

Guide agents to use your most effective sales practices to yield the most revenue

Stay Alert

Alerts triggered in real-time when agents miss a part of the script, or violate any rules

Get Better

Feedback is immediately given to agents on their performance, good or bad

VoiceBase agent coaching application empowers contact center employees to be their best through guided responses, constant feedback loops, and live alerts 

Beyond Post-call Analytics

Post-call analytics alone just isn’t enough anymore. Leverage the power of VoiceBase to coach your agents on how best practices in real-time.¬†

Guides Responses + Actions

Become Selling Superstars

Help agents make the best decisions and take the best steps to successfully close the most deals. Take advantage when upsell and cross-sell opportunities are presented, handle objections like a pro, and be ready for any question that may arise.

Cultivate Great Customer Experiences

Get better at really understanding your customers and how to engage best with them. De-escalate situations with ease, and tackle any customer problem that gets thrown at you.


Your voice data in your warehouse

Don’t worry about having to make any changes to your current routine. Store your voice data and analytics in the instance or managed service of your choosing.

VoiceBase Hosted Warehouse

¬†Let VoiceBase take care of your data storage for you. Option to take advantage of VoiceBase’s fully hosted data warehouse for your voice data files.

Feedback Empowerment

Pre-built dashboard templates

Unleash the value in your voice data fast with VoiceBase’s pre-built Tableau dashboards. See why customers are calling, what they’re saying, and how your call center agents are handling these conversations.

BI Tool of your choice

Use the business intelligence tool you are already familiar with. VoiceBase can shape your analytics schema to be used in the BI tool of your choice in a server you already have.


Built for organizations with a mature analytics perspective who want to empower their analysts to shape & interpret voice interactions across every department.

Easily access and analyze your voice data

Visualize the true voice of your customers using VoiceBase BI Tool Starter Kits. Uncover actionable data while your team of specialists support you every step of the way.  

Uncover Trends Across all Calls 

With voice data in your business intelligence tool, you can find ways to increase sales, reduce call center cost, and more. 

Find out the top reasons customers are calling and what exactly they are talking about to determine where operational processes may need to change. 

Learn about product issues before it turns into a crisis by tracking brand keywords and setting alerts. 



Understand the Emotion Behind Every Word Spoken

Analyze sentiment across every interaction to see how your customers really feel. Customer emotion is a powerful signal to determine satisfaction and overall experience.


Quickly QA Agent Performance

Get a 10,000 foot view of call center operations, with the power to zoom into detailed metrics.

With VoiceBase Enterprise Accelerator you can:


  • Monitor agent script adherence and compliance.
  • Assess agent performance based on performance KPIs.
  • Monitor call outcomes and resolutions
  • Measure AHT, talk time, customer effort, etc.

Search Every Interaction

Dig into your conversations to find exactly what you’re looking for. Search specific words, phrases, and topics to drill down into every interaction.

VoiceBase Enterprise Accelerator automatically transcribes every phone conversation and creates a database of searchable transcripts for analysis. 

Our powerful solution allows you to bookmark key metrics or categories to easily zoom in and out of your voice data as needed.

VoiceBase Voice Analytics

Uncover the value of your customer conversations with VoiceBase’s enterprise analytics.

VoiceBase Categorization

VoiceBase’s professional services team builds custom categories using VoiceBase’s Query Language (VBQL). Tailor-made categories ensure optimal agent QA for your call center.

PCI Redaction

Ensure compliance with data security laws across all of your voice data. Automatically detect sensitive PCI/PII data and redact it from both the audio file and the transcript.


Get faster time-to-value and increase ROI with predictive analytics. Detect and predict complex customer behavior, like churn, with high accuracy using AI machine learning.


Process your calls through VoiceBase’s secure and reliable speech engine. Get text transcriptions for your interactions that include stereo speaker IDs, word timestamps.

Text Analytics

Analyze text conversations from chat, email, CRM, and support data in parallel with calls from your contact center for a complete view of your customer interactions.

Conversation Metrics

Analyze metrics like tone, pitch, silence, overtalk, empathy, and overall sentiment to gain a better understanding of what is happening in your call center conversations.

“VoiceBase‚Äôs Enterprise Accelerator has helped us eliminate six months of IT efforts by providing a data warehouse and automatically extracting, transforming, and loading data into pre-built Tableau Dashboards.”

Becky Masters

Director of Digital Experience, Delta Dental of Washington


Hear how DDWA leveraged the power of VoiceBase Analytics to aid in their quest for digital transformation

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