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March 2, 2021

VoiceBase Customers Identify its PCI/PII Redaction as a Foundational Feature for Enabling Voice Data, Democratization, and Digital Transformation

VoiceBase delivers fully scrubbed contact center call data into an enterprise’s data warehouse- powering sales, service and marketing use cases throughout the business.

San Francisco, CA, USA – February 17, 2021

VoiceBase, the leading AI-powered voice analytics company, today shared that their enterprise customers surveyed and identified their accurate PCI/PII redaction as one of the most valued features. As a PCI-DSS Level 1 certified speech analytics provider, VoiceBase has long-recognized the imperative that before voice data can truly be democratized to better improve customer experience throughout the enterprise, it must first be scrubbed of sensitive data.

A Fortune 500 telecommunications provider with a subscriber base of 20 million needed a solution to accurately redact sensitive PCI data for their contact center. “For compliance purposes, we, like many other companies, needed to accurately redact sensitive PCI data commonly spoken on our sales calls, at scale,” said the Fortune 500 telecommunications provider. “VoiceBase was by far the most accurate we tested and was also able to rapidly scale to support our growing volume across 10,000 agents and stringent SLA requirements.”

According to Ranjan Sinha, President of Axis Group, an analytics enablement and digital transformation company, “Many businesses struggle with the need to analyze their service or sales calls to improve customer experience, while at the same time adhering to PCI-related compliance policies. VoiceBase bridges that challenge, providing organized and open datasets that can be easily queried by our customers’ preferred BI tools.”

Utilizing an artificial intelligence and machine learning approach, VoiceBase’s cloud-based platform is able to achieve 99.9% accuracy in redaction, and at the same time leaves other critical elements of the conversation intact. This customer conversational data can then be transformed into rich metrics that can be queried, measured, and visualized for detailed analysis. 

“In today’s competitive world, Customer Experience is everything, and what your customers tell you today will be in your financials tomorrow, ” said Jay Blazensky, Cofounder and CRO at VoiceBase. “This makes solving for high-accuracy redaction such a critical first step ahead of any successful speech analytics engagement,”  Jay concluded.

About VoiceBase

VoiceBase helps customers access the value within their voice data. Using AI-Powered voice analytics and Natural Language Processing (NLP), VoiceBase allows businesses to rapidly process conversational data for actionable insight. VoiceBase is used by Fortune 500 companies and SMBs across the globe to drive results and turn call centers into ROI generators for leading enterprises.


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