Using PerformLine, businesses can achieve omni-channel compliance with one turn-key solution, while utilizing industry leading speech recognition or speech analytics to instill confidence in customers that their data is taken care of.

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PCI DSS Level 1 Certified

In May 2017, VoiceBase announced it’s achievement of PCI DSS Level 1 certification. Utilizing VoiceBase’s AI technology, the API powers automatic PCI detection and redaction, to protect customer data and create a query-able database to mine for other business intelligence.

Business Conduct Monitoring

Monitor your calls to abide by the specific rules outlined in the federal consumer protection laws and enforced by the CFPB, the FTC and the OCC which outlines specific recommendations for marketers to monitor; proactively self-monitor for potential violation, and quickly and completely remediate the harm.

Flag Banned Terms

Process all calls to flag banned or unauthorized terms such as: “fully accredited”, “specialized accreditation”, “guaranteed job,” “starting salary,” or “guaranteed rebate”.

Mitigate risk by automatically detecting required or unauthorized terms and phrases

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