Instantly redact PCI, SSN and PII from recordings & transcriptions,
unlocking unprecedented analytics and insight from customer interactions.


It’s time to modernize how you see speech analytics data.

Every conversation happening in your call center is a treasure trove of actionable data, data that can help inform business decisions, educate and train call center agents, and even predict industry and market trends. But none of these insights can be gleaned if the sensitive customer information on your calls is not properly redacted and secured.

Redact PCI, SSN and other PII

Customer interactions hold a wealth of data that everyone needs to get their hands on. However, a lot of calls have sensitive information like payment cards, social security numbers, account numbers and more. Speech analytics can be used to automatically detect exactly where this information is spoken, and redact it from the conversation before analytics are run.

The VoiceBase Analytics Platform is PCI DSS Level 1 certified.

Agent Script Adherence

Monitor your calls to abide by the specific rules outlined in the federal consumer protection laws and enforced by the CFPB, the FTC and the OCC which outlines specific recommendations for marketers to monitor; proactively self-monitor for potential violation, and quickly and completely remediate the harm.

Flag Banned Terms

Process all calls to flag banned or unauthorized terms such as: “fully accredited”, “specialized accreditation”, “guaranteed job,” “starting salary,” or “guaranteed rebate”.

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