Contact Center Digital Transformation

Call Center Voice Analytics Case Study

    Delta Dental of Washington: 

    • Covers about 50% of people in Washington
    • Has about 80 call center agents
    • Answers more than 700,000 calls annually
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    Increasing Revenue by Optimizing The Call Center

    Delta Dental of Washington was receiving a multitude of calls into their call center, with increasing call volumes every month. However, they had no visibility into what was being said during these customer interactions. Without full data on these conversation, they could not identify how to improve their agent efficiency and customer experience.

    Leveraging voice analytics technology from VoiceBase, Delta Dental of Washington was able to get insights into their calls like never before. They could now tag every call with the Call Driver based on what was said between the agent and caller at the start of a call. Then we also created categories that identify the services discussed, in order to gain real insight into the customer experience. For example, if a call driver was ‘Pricing’, we could also see correlation to a service such as “how much do fillings cost?”


    • Make it easier for customers to get answers to questions
    • Measure that achievement based on reducing talk time
    • Reduce talk time by 10% company-wide
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    ⏱   10% Reduction in Talk Time

    As any call center professional knows, time on the phone = dollars out the door. By reducing overall talk time through optimizing operations, DDWA was able to decrease contact center costs significantly.

    🏆   12% increase in Reason for Calling discovery

    Before, DDWA was only aware  of 3% for calls about ID cards. With VoiceBase, DDWA discovered that 15% of callers were calling about ID cards. They were then able to inspect why so many people are having trouble locating their ID card information.

    “The VoiceBase Player allows us to dig into calls and focus on the section about the specific category without listening to the full phone call. After drilling into the calls we realized that the same pattern was happening across all calls related to ID cards,” said Masters about their data discovery.

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    💡   Improving CX With AI

    Without an automated voice analytics technology, Delta Dental of Washington had been allocating costly resources to manually reviewing and scoring calls.

    By automating this process, they not only decreased operational costs significantly, but also now had access to data points that were previously inaccessible such as Overatalk, Sentiment, % of Silence on the call, and more. Now DDWA can analyze 100% of every call and access that data in their Tableau Dashboards.


    • Customers were not being informed of digital ID cards.
    • Agents needed better onboarding to guide customers to their solution.

    Watch: A Tale of Digital Transformation

    Discover how Delta Dental of Washington transformed call center operations to eliminate 6 months of IT efforts by providing a data warehouse and automatically extracting, transforming and loading data into pre-built Tableau Dashboards.

    Filmed live at Tableau Conference TC19.

    “VoiceBase has been key to our digital transformation by providing rich custom voice analytics across every single department. The Voice of the Customer should be the fabric of every enterprise and we realized that we had limited access to what our VoC really was until we started to leverage VoiceBase’s enterprise analytics solution.”

    Becky Masters, Delta Dental of Washington

    Digital Transformation Tips from Becky Masters, Delta Dental of Washington


    1. Know where to focus

    Know exactly what your customers’ pain points are, listen to 100% instead of 1% of your customers

    2. Speed to insight

    Enterprise Accelerator: removes 6 months of IT effort building out the data warehouse, extracting/transforming/loading, and building Tableau dashboards

    3. Multiple departments listening to the same Voice of the Customer

    Executives, customer service, sales, marketing, website team

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    Learn more about VoiceBase and AI-Powered Voice Analytics Technology:

    Digitizing Voice: A Great Source OF DATA for Organizations to Tap

    Digitizing Voice: A Great Source OF DATA for Organizations to Tap

    While it might seem mundane, digitizing voice data is essential for downstream advantage. There are significant benefits in gathering, aggregating, analyzing, and leveraging appropriate actions from voice data. There are obvious benefits in customer service, sales management, and compliance. Voice data is an equal tributary in the growing data mesh that organizations are dealing with for now and the future. We are only at the beginning of leveraging voice data, so expect a big push in brand monitoring next.