Missing Insights? Voice Data Health and the Contact Center

by Alissa Pagels-Minor

Data drives insights, and insights drive business. If your company has a contact center, it’s likely that standard KPIs  like agent performance and call times are metrics being tracked. These KPIs help managers improve agent performance, customer experience, and operations costs. But for most enterprises, the data insights stop there.

Contact centers are receiving a daily flow of customer-centric data, only to use a fraction of it. The average contact center handles around massive volumes of calls per day, yet the majority are only monitoring 2-4 calls per agent per month. So many minutes of information about customer satisfaction, product issues, overall brand sentiment, and more are being left on the table.

Data-driven enterprises have started to utilize recorded call data across all internal organizations for improved outcomes based on analytics. Accessible data is a key factor in most digital transformation strategies, but if the voice data from your contact center isn’t in a healthy state, it could mean missed insights and misinformed decisions. 

Voice Data Health Considerations:

  1. Accessibility: Are your call recordings available for analytics or locked in a recording system?
  2. Quality: Are your calls recorded in mono or stereo? Compressed or uncompressed?
  3. Organization: Are your calls being tagged with metadata to enable reliable analytics?
  4. Sensitive Data: Do your stored calls have PCI or PII information? i.e. are your stored recordings secure and PCI compliant?

At VoiceBase, we believe Voice Analytics drive significant value not only for the contact center, but for the entire enterprise. Customer conversational analytics can drive your digital transformation across your entire organization, but only with healthy voice data to start the process. 

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